Title: 배가본드 / Vagabond
Genre: Action, Thriller
Episodes: 16
Broadcast network: SBS
Broadcast period: 2019-Sep-20 to 2019-Nov-23
Air time: Friday & Saturday 22:00 KST

A mysterious plane crash kills over 200 civilians, including Cha Dal Geon’s (Lee Seung Ki) nephew. Determined to find out the truth behind the accident, Cha Dal Gun embarks on an investigation that leads him to a tangled web of corruption. His life intertwines with Go Hae Ri (Bae Suzy), a covert operative for the National Intelligence Service.

Subtitles: Subscene |

Main Cast

Lee Seung Ki as Cha Dal Geon
Bae Suzy as Go Hae Ri
Shin Sung Rok as Ki Tae Woong

Blue House

Baek Yoon Shik as Jung Kook Pyo
Moon Sung Geun as Hong Soon Jo
Kim Min Jong as Yoon Han Ki

National Intelligence Service (NIS)

Lee Ki Young as Kang Joo Chul
Jung Man Shik as Min Jae Sik
Hwang Bo Ra as Gong Hwa Sook

Arms lobby group people

Lee Kyung Young as Edward Park
Moon Jung Hee as Jessica Lee


Kim Jung Hyun as Hong Seung Bum
Kang Kyung Hun as Oh Sang Mi
Lee Si Yoo as Seo Yeong Ji
Park Ah In as Lily
Choi Dae Chul as Kim Do Soo
Jang Hyuk Jin as Kim Ok Ki
Shin Seung Hwan as Kim Se Hun
Yoon Na Moo as Kim Ho Sik
Ryu Won as Mickey
Go Kyu Pil as Park Kwang Duk


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  1. 6

    WOWOWOWOWOWWW i just saw the episode and it was SICK, the waiting was totally worth it! thank you so much for bringing the opportunity to watch this drama, thank you soso much ❤

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      Gogo Administrator

      login to the app with google account and it will create a copy of file you want to download to your google drive and start download from it

  2. 24

    this is my first time using your helpful site however I do have a question
    I am an editor and was wondering if you have the 1080 files without the SBS all around the borders? i don’t know if there is a way to get it without the watermarks but it makes editing very hard since i have to pan in and ruin the proportions
    again, if not it’s ok was just wondering ty 🙂

      • 26

        hello, thank you it’s 1080p and without watermarks!
        sorry for the inconveniences tho but there is no audio now?
        is it because it’s in mkv and I have to convert it to mp4? im trying it now hopefully it’ll work

      • 27

        NEVERMIND! IT DOES WORK! just downloaded VLC so i can convert the files, I opened it in the program and the audio and everything is perfect!! didn’t expect it to work like that, so easy and efficient 🙂 thank you for uploading these files! <3 I appreciate ur hard work

  3. 30

    Min, episode 5 720p WEB-DL terlalu kecil bit rate nya, videonya jadi ga setajam biasanya. File size 600-700mb kayak biasanya aja min ga masalah, yg penting tajem videonya. Thansk min

  4. 38

    Oh my God! thank you very much admin for uploading the H265 HDVN version. I was so amazed <3 . Hope to see more episodes of that version! Thank you very much and I love you!

  5. 44

    i tried to download the latest video codec in VLC, but it doesn’t play and it doesn’t play on my Internet TV.

  6. 62

    Yup betul sekali, yg web-dl soundnya tipiis dan kering, diakalin pake eq juga tetep lebih enakan yg hdtv. Yg rilisan netflix masih mending bisa 128kbps, yg lain ada yg cm 96kbps .. ampun pelitnya..
    Akhirnya pilih yg hdtv, soalnya ini genrenya rada action gt .. apalagi SBS itu soundnya paling mantabs… hehe

  7. 68

    Makasih minn… akhirnya ada website buat drama 1080p+ gak butuh yang hemat2 data penting kualitas terbaik tolong dipertahankan min, semangat dan sukses teross

  8. 69

    maaf min untuk yg eps 5 yg 1080p web dl kok saya pencet pilihan gdrive keluar dddrive dan pas mau saya download file not foun gitu min, kalo pake up to box ada limiternya jadi gak enak

    • 72
      Gogo Administrator

      komen ku yg sebelum nya udh di coba?
      aku udh coba download semua episode yg kamu bilang mati itu work di aku kok

  9. 74

    Hello , Admin
    Thank you so much for sharing the Korean series Files
    for now I have a problem about downloading via google drive
    I try to Download VAGABOND but every time the download is running, when it nearly finish the speed of downloading will be slower and then STOP and Show that NETWORK ERROR, now its happen every time i try to download

    Please tell me How can i fixed that

    • 75

      I try with another Series, Rook Historiean , It have problem sometimes but still working if I retry.
      But for Vagabond or another that downloading via DDDrive, the problem is happens everytimes

      • 76
        Gogo Administrator

        pretty sure it has to do with your network, dddrive is not a file host , it just an app to help create a copy of files into user drive.
        try to download with download manager (IDM, etc) so you can resume your download if something goes wrong

  10. 91

    min kenapa ko gagal trs ya downloadnya, pdahal jringan 4g, pke chrome gagal, pke mozilla jg gagal, di link google drive

  11. 98

    I’m sorry I made a suggestion I hope you also like Park Ha Sun have a lovely day
    but can I make suggestion just in case IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR OLD DRAMAS TO ADD
    Please allow me to make suggestions somewhere also for other people PLEASE RESPOND

  12. 101

    Whatever I did wrong I hope you can forgive me because I am very polite and grateful for Everything you do for us please a friendly response from you would be appreciated

  13. 106

    Hello. The file for uptobox link of episode 2 (1080p next quality) for drama catch the ghost has been deleted. Can you please fix it? Sorry for commenting under vagabond kdrama, I don’t know why but no matter what I did I couldn’t comment under catch the ghost post

  14. 109

    EPISODE 11 stops at somewhere around 01:02 mins for me can you look into it if there is any issue with the encode or it is just an error from my side. I also checked with both potplayer and VLC and it doesn’t work. Thanks

    • 111
      Gogo Administrator

      it’s work just fine for me
      try to check the file size, see if it match with the one on file host maybe it corrupted when you download it

  15. 112

    It’s kinda weird that my downloaded file size is bigger than the original(341.25 to be exact original 325.44). I’ll redownload it, thanks for the help

  16. 113
    Susu Coklat

    Min bisa gak ntar klo uda tamat upload versi batchnya ? yg 720 x265 ? soalnya di blog sebelah ga pernah upload 720 265 ,, eh pas masuk ke sini ternyata nyediain 720 bahkan 1080 ,, klo 1080 kegedean per episodenya hehe

  17. 119

    Acara olahraga memang kadang merepotkan disatu sisi. Disisi lain, orang2 juga pada suka.

    Sampai jumpa minggu depan 😀

  18. 125
    Mas Ganteng

    Kebiasaan drama korea, klo ada drama yg bagus penonton banyak pasti ada aja ditunda penayangan pas episode” akhir haha,, kya yg dulu” apalagi tiap akhir tahun drama crime action bagus bagus

  19. 127

    @Mas Ganteng: Acara Olahraga itu Ratingnya kadang lebih kuat. Makanya Acara Drama disuruh “ngalah” 🤣

    Dan, akhirnya kelar juga ini Drama. Langsung Download, dan tidur. Nanti nontonnya

    Terima kasih banyak buat Admin. Semoga Sehat selalu 🙂

  20. 129

    The ending is not even close to ENDING the drama. This is what happened when NETFLIX got its hand on kdrama. Look at The Kingdom, My First First Love, Arthdal Chronicle, and now Vagabond. Either there is another season or viewers are left speechless at cliffhanger.

  21. 131

    Amazing ! Suzy AND Lee reunited again WHAT to ask more ?, i’ve waited months for this to come out. Their acting got even greater and woah it was really fun to watch. I hope i will see both again next Season with a lil bit more romance (and less action?) !

    Oh btw the show was nice.

  22. 132

    hey im back here and want to download the eps again but most of em are gone can u pls reupload it?? the 1080p ver THANKSS 🙂 and i hope u can upload it on letsupload or file upload coz the others have limiter
    please reupload i want to download all the epss :)) HEHEEE

  23. 134

    I am trying to use MEGA to download, for some reason, I was able to download up to ep03. I was having problem on ep04 onward, any reason why I was not able to download?

    • 142
      Gogo Administrator

      file gdrive di share lewat app
      tinggal login aja dgn akun google mu nanti file nya di copy langsung ke gdrive mu

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