Unexpected Heroes

Unexpected Heroes

Title: 뜻밖의 히어로즈 / Unexpected Heroes
Genre: Fantasy, School, Supernatural
Episodes: 10
Broadcast network: Naver TV Cast
Broadcast period: 2017-Dec-18 to 2017-Dec-29

When a person is murdered, three high school students receive organ donations. But something unexpected happens. Min Su Ho (Choi Jong Hoon) develops super strength after a human tissue transplant. Bae Joon Young (Lee Min Hyuk) can read women’s minds after getting a heart transplant. Lee Yoon Ji (Kim So Hye) foresees events before they happen after getting a cornea transplant. Noh Deul Hee (Park Ha Na) is the cheerful organ transplant coordinator responsible for these high school students and their unexpected abilities.

Subtitles: English | Indonesian

Main Cast

Choi Jong Hoon as Min Su Ho
Lee Min Hyuk as Bae Joon Young
Kim So Hye as Lee Yoon Ji
Park Ha Na as Noh Deul He

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