The Penthouse

The Penthouse

Title: 펜트하우스 / The Penthouse
Also known as: Penthouse: War In Life
Genre: Suspense
Episodes: Season 1: 21 / Season 2: 13 / Season 3: 14
Broadcast network: SBS
Broadcast period: 2021-Jun-04 to 2021-Sep-10
Air Time: Friday 22:00 KST

The Penthouse is a place everyone dreams to be live in. Located in the wealthiest area of Seoul with the wealthiest residents, everyone desires to move higher up the building. Three moms in this drama unveil their secret desires to elevate their lives. Su Ryeon will do anything to take revenge on the adults that wrecked her child’s life. Seo Jin may have cultivated a successful career as a classical singer, but her daughter seems to lack in so many things unlike her. Yoon Hee refuses to inherit poverty and devastation to her daughter and tries everything she can to move into the Penthouse. This is a journey of the three moms pedaling down an unstoppable race fueled by greed and desire.

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Main Cast

Lee Ji Ah as Shim Soo Ryun
Kim So Yun as Chun Seo Jin
Eugene as Oh Yoon Hee

Shim Soo Ryun’s family (100th Floor)

Uhm Ki Joon as Joo Dan Tae
Kim Young Dae as Joo Suk Hoon
Han Ji Hyun as Joo Suk Kyung

Chun Seo Jin’s family (85th Floor)

Yoon Jong Hoon as Ha Yoon Chul
Choi Ye Bin as Ha Eun Byul
Jung Sung Mo as Chun Myung Soo (Seo Jin’s father)
Hye Min as Seo Jin’s mother
Shin Seo Hyun as Chun Seo Young
Ahn Tae Hwan as Seo Jin’s brother-in-law

Oh Yoon Hee’s family

Kim Hyun Soo as Bae Ro Na (Oh Yoon Hee’s daughter)

Lee Kyu Jin’s family (55th Floor)

Bong Tae Kyu as Lee Kyu Jin
Yoon Joo Hee as Go Sang Ah
Lee Tae Vin as Lee Min Hyuk

Kang Ma Ri’s family (45th Floor)

Shin Eun Kyung as Kang Ma Ri
Heo Sung Tae as Yoo Dong Pil (Ma Ri’s husband)
Jin Ji Hee as Yoo Je Ni (Ma Ri’s daughter)

Go Sang Ah’s In-Laws

Seo Hye Rin as Wang Mi Ja
Heo Ji Na as eldest sister-in-law
Lee Cho Won as youngest sister-in-law

Chungah Art School

Son Bo Seung as Uhm Jang Dae
Ahn Eun Ho as Ahn Eun Hoo
Yang Jung Min as Noh Ji Ah
Park Soo Ah as Song Ye Ri
Jang Ha Kyung as Heo Yoo Jung

People with secrets

Jo Soo Min as Min Sul Ah
Lee Chul Min as Yoon Tae Joo
Kim Ro Sa as Yang Mi Ok
Na So Ye as Joo Hye Min


Park Eun Suk as Goo Ho Dong
Byun Woo Min as Jo Sang Hun
Ha Do Kwon as Ma Doo Ki
Choi Seo Yun as Kwon Hye Mi
Kim Do Hyun as secretary Do
Kim Dong Kyu as secretary Jo
Jung Da Bin as Bae Ro Na (Yoon Hee’s daughter)
Yoo Jung Woo
Yoon Bok In
Kang Boo Ja
Jung Ah Mi as Chairman Song


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