The Idolmaster KR

The Idolmaster KR

Title: 아이돌마스터.KR / The Idolmaster KR
Genre: Friendship, Music, Youth
Episodes: 24
Broadcast network: Amazon Prime
Broadcast period: 2017

Only those who survive can make their debut as a girl group! The series follows the story of 11 girls as they fiercely compete and undergo vigorous training to become idol stars.


Real Girls Project

Lee Su-ji as Suji/Suah
Heo Youngjoo as Youngjoo
Sori as Sori
Yukika Teramoto as Yukika
Kwon Ha-seo as Haseo
Lee Jee-won as Jeewon
Jung Tae-ri as Taeri
Mint as Mint
Lee Ye-eun as Yeeun
Cha Ji-seul as Jiseul
Chun Ja-ne as Jane

Red Queen

Jo So-jin as Hyeju
Kim Sun-young as Mina
Han Hye-ri as Yeri
Lee Ka-eun as Chae Nakyung

825 Entertainment

Sung Hoon as Kang Shin-hyuk, the former Producer of Red Queen.
Park Chul-min as Shim Min-chul, CEO of 825 Entertainment.
Kang Ye-seul as Yeseul, the girls’ manager at 825 Entertainment.

Other characters

Heo Joungjoo as Joungjoo, Youngjoo’s younger sister who is a singer-songwriter.
Lee Coco as Coco, an internet broadcast MC.
Jin Nayoung as Nayoung, Sori’s friend.
Bae Seul-ki as Kim Dan-oh, a composer and vocal trainer.


Kim Jung-ah
Jung Tae-woo
Euna Kim
Gowoon (Berry Good) as Bom-yi
Jung Hee-chul (ZE:A)


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