The Tasty Florida

The Tasty Florida

Title: 플로리다 반점 / The Tasty Florida
Genre: BL, Romance
Episodes: 8
Broadcast network: Idol Romance
Broadcast period: 2021-Sep-24 to 2021-Oct-15
Air time: Friday

Having just moved in, college freshman Seo Hae Won (Cha Woo Min) isn’t sure what to think of the guesthouse he now calls home. With Florida Banjeom, a popular Chinese restaurant, comfortably settled up on the roof, people from far and wide are always running in and out of the building. But it’s not the constant stream of guests that has Hae Won concerned; it’s the fact that the restaurant’s owner and head chef, Baek Eun Gyu (Yoo Hwan), seems to have a serious problem with him.

Having been recommended for a part-time job at the restaurant by Cha Ji Soo (Moon Kang Hyuk), a fellow restaurant owner, Hae Won thought he would easily fit in with the staff; but for some reason Eun Gyu seems to instantly dislike him. Despite the fact that he can’t figure out why his boss is so bothered by him, Hae Won finds himself fitting in nicely with his fellow staff members, Ha Jin (Zeze) and Joo Seo Hyeok (Jun). It isn’t long before he’s drawing as much attention from the restaurant patrons as his equally handsome co-workers.

With such a good-looking staff, there’s never a shortage of admirers at the Florida Banjeom. It comes as no surprise to Hae Won that almost everyone who visits the restaurant eventually falls for the devastatingly handsome Eun Gyu. What does surprise him is when he realizes that he himself has fallen. But will he ever be able to win the heart of his cold-hearted boss?


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Cha Woo Min as Seo Hae Won
Kim Yoo Hwan as Baek Eun Gyu
Moon Kang Hyuk as Cha Ji Soo
Zeze as Ha Jin
Yoo Seung Jun as Joo Seo Hyeok
Yoon Ye Hee as [Guest house Host]

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