Switch: Change the World

Switch: Change the World

Title: 스위치: 세상을 바꿔라 / Switch-改變世界 / Switch: Change the World
Genre: Legal, Comedy
Episodes: 32 (35 minutes/episode)
Broadcast network: SBS
Broadcast period: 2018-March-28 to 2018-May-17
Air time: Wednesday & Thursday 22:00 KST (2 episodes back-to-back)

Scam a thousand dollars, and you are a thief. If the amount becomes a billion, you are a financier. Break a small promise, you become a conman. If you betray the trust of millions of people, you are a politician. If the law cannot punish those who have wronged thousands of lives, what can we do about it? In a society without righteousness, there needs to be a drastic measure taken in order to catch the bad guys. An eye for an eye, and a conman for a conman. Oh Ha Ra, a young prosecutor, meets a man who looks exactly like her senior prosecutor, Baek Joon Soo. While looking for a double to replace Joon Soo, she meets an unordinary man named Sa Do Chan. Do Chan, a genius conman, puts his skills to use in order to catch the bad guys who know their ways around the law.

Subtitles: English | Indonesian

Main Cast

Jang Geun Suk as Sa Do Chan / Baek Joon Soo
Han Ye Ri as Oh Ha Ra
Jung Woong In as Geum Tae Woong

Members of the fraud group

Jo Hee Bong as Director Bong
Shin Do Hyun as Seo Eun Ji
Ahn Seung Hwan as Jeon In Tae

People around Geum Tae Woong

Lee Jung Kil as Choi Jung Pil
Kwon Si Hyun as Jo Sung Doo
Song Won Suk as Manager Kim

Prosecutor’s Office

Park Won Sang as Yang Ji Soong
Choi Jae Won as Jung Do Young
Seo Young Soo as Gil Dae Ro
Bae Min Hee as Jin Kyung Hee

Oh Ha Ra’s Family

Kim Seo Ra as Ha Ra’s mother
Lee Joo Yeon as Oh So Ra


Son Byung Ho as Old Man Bbeong
Cha Yub as Investigator Go
Lee Jong Bak
Park Ho San

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