Secret Mother

Secret Mother

Title: 시크릿 마더 / Secret Mother
Genre: Mystery, Thriller
Episodes: 32
Broadcast network: SBS
Broadcast period: 2018-May-12 to 2018-July-7
Air time: Saturday 20:55 KST (4 episodes back-to-back)

This drama tells the story of a surrogate mother who enters the home of the woman holding the secret to her child’s death.

Kim Yoon Jin (Song Yoon Ah) is a former psychiatrist. To do what is best for her husband and son, she quit her job. Kim Yoon Jin had a daughter, but her daughter died and she carries a sense of guilt over her daughter’s death. She wants the best for her son who is about to enter a university. Kim Yoon Jin decides to hire an expert to help her son enter a good university. The expert is mysterious.

Main Cast

Song Yoon Ah as Kim Yoon Jin
Kim So Yun as Lisa Kim
Kim Tae Woo as Han Jae Yeol
Song Jae Rim as Ha Jung Wan

Yoon Jin & Eun Young’s family

Cha Hwa Yun as Park Sun Ja
Yum Ji Yoon as Han Joo Hee
Kim Ye Joon as Han Min Joon

Hye Kyung & Sung Hwan’s family

Seo Young Hee as Kang Hye Kyung
Min Sung Wook as Jung Sung Hwan
Choi Yoo Ri as Jung Soo Min

Hwa Sook & Seung Soo’s family

Kim Jae Hwa as Myung Hwa Sook
Ahn Sang Woo as Yoon Seung Soo
Song Ji Woo as Yoon Ji Ho

Ji Ae & Byung Hak’s family

Oh Yeon Ah as Song Ji Ae
Kim Byung Ok as Lee Byung Hak
Lee Go Eun as Lee Chae Rin


Son Seung Woo as Shin Se Yeon
Kwon Do Kyun as Min Tae Hwan
Kang Sang Won as Lee Chi Yeol

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