School 2021

School 2021

Title: 학교 2021 / School 2021
Genre: Youth, Romance
Episodes: 16
Broadcast network: KBS2
Broadcast period: 2021-Nov-24 to 2022-Jan-13
Air time: Wednesday & Thursday 21:30 KST

Gong Ki Joon is a hardworking student who assumes work and school simultaneously. He is a person who loses his dream 11-year dream of taekwondo due to injury and is unsure of knowing what to do. Jeong Young Joo is a transfer student with a hidden story and a past connection to Gong Ki Joon.

Jin Ji Won, a confident high school girl with a solid dream, confidently communicates her opinion though she is in conflict with her mother about going to college. Kang Seo Young is a gifted student who is preparing, by herself, for college entrance exams. She is aiming to enter one of the top five universities in Korea.

Lee Kang Hoon is a teacher who values a work-life balance. He gradually grows along with his students. Lee Jae Hee is the chairman of the board’s nephew, while Gu Mi Hee is the twin sister of Lee Jae Hyuk. She is a quiet person and strives to make many new changes. Lee Jae Hyuk is Lee Jae Hee’s twin. Unlike Jae Hee, Jae Hyuk is the person who receives support from the foundation.

Subtitles: SubsceneMirror

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Main Cast

Kim Yo Han as Kong Ki Joon
Choo Young Woo as Jung Young Joo
Jo Yi Hyun as Jin Ji Won
Hwang Bo Reum Byul as Kang Seo Young

Nulji Science and Technology High School, 2nd year Class 1 Students

Kim Kang Min as Ji Ho Sung
Seo Hee Sun as Ko Eun Bi
Kim Noo Rim as Jong Bok
Lee Sang Joon as Lee Jae Hyuk
Yoon Yi Re as Lee Jae Hee
Lee Ha Eun as Jung Min Seo
Jung Ye Seo as Lee Hyo Joo

Teachers & School Administrators

Jun Suk Ho as Lee Kang Hoon
Kim Kyu Sun as Song Chae Rin
Lee Ji Ha as Koo Mi Hee
Kim Min Sang as Lee Han Soo

Students’ Family Members

Park In Hwan as Kong Young Soo (Kong Ki Joon’s grandfather)
Jo Seung Yun as Jin Duk Kyu (Jin Ji Won’s father)
Kim Soo Jin (Jin Ji Won’s mother)


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    Cakep nih.. udah lama drama di stasiun tv nasional sulit cari sub-nya wkwkkwk.. Mau gak mau nonton dua kali.. nonton polos trus nonton pake sub..

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    Maaf min mau tanya, phanteam & appletor isinya sama kan dari tving? Hanya extended beberapa detik di versi appletor

  3. 12

    Ok min @Gogo mksh jawabannya, pantes web dl ada logo tv nya & raw appletor punya kbs drama ukurannya besar 😂 4-5 GB, nggak kebayang totalnya

      • 15

        My bad. I can’t open the link leading to the pixeldrain by your new shortener. Although I already clicked “Open Link”, but it just stays as it is. Same goes for other Kdrama like Business Proposal except its episode 12 which lead me to its pixeldrain link.

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