Title: 루갈 / Rugal
Genre: Action
Episodes: 16
Broadcast network: OCN
Broadcast period: 2020-Mar-28 to 2020-May-17
Air time: Saturday & Sunday 22:50 KST

Kang Ki Bum (Choi Jin Hyuk) is an elite detective. He is currently investigating the criminal organization Argos, but, when he comes home, he finds several men in masks. His wife and child are murdered by the masked men sent from Argos. They beat him and cut out both of his eyeballs. When he wakes up, he finds himself in the hospital and he is accused of murder. The NIS then approaches him. He is selected to become a member of Rugal, a special team organized by the NIS. Through biotechnology, he gains two artificial eyeballs with a special ability. Then, Kang Ki Bum and the Rugal team set out to take down criminal organizations.

Subtitles: SubsceneMirror

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Choi Jin Hyuk as Kang Ki Bum
Jo Dong Hyuk as Han Tae Woong
Jung Hye In as Song Mi Na
Kim Min Sang as Choi Keun Chul
Park Sun Ho as Lee Kwang Chul
Jang In Sub as Bradley
Jang Seo Kyung as Susan
Park Choong Sun as Manager Oh


Park Sung Woong as Hwang Deuk Koo
Han Ji Wan as Choi Ye Won

People around Hwang Deuk Koo

Yoo Sang Hoon as Min Dal Ho

People around Choi Ye Won

Park Jung Hak as Go Yong Duk

Middle bosses

Kim In Woo as Choi Yong
Yoo Ji Yun as Jang Mi Joo
Ji Dae Han as Bong Man Chul
Kim Da Hyun as Seol Min Joon


Lee Sang Bo as Yang Moon Bok
Han Gi Yoon as Kim Dae Shik
Lee Seo El as Yeo Jin


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