Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim 2

Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim 2

Title: 낭만닥터 김사부 2 / Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim 2
Genre: Melodrama, Medical, Romance
Episodes: 16
Broadcast network: SBS
Broadcast period: 2020-Jan-06 to 2020-Feb-25
Air Time: Monday & Tuesday 22:00 KST
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Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim 2 begins with Boo Yong Joo who struggles to revive Doldam Hospital that is faced with difficulties after his colleagues – Kang Dong Joo, Yoon Seo Jung, and Do In Beom – left the hospital. Doldam hospital is now short of human resources. The president of the hospital has changed. And what is worse, his wrist shows signs of illness. But then, Seo Woo Jin, Cha Eun Jae, and new staff members join Doldam Hospital. With the new faces joining the hospital, will Boo Yong Joo and Doldam Hospital be able to overcome the adversities?

Subtitles: SubsceneMirror

Main Cast

Han Suk Kyu as Teacher Kim / Boo Yong Joo
Lee Sung Kyung as Cha Eun Jae
Ahn Hyo Sup as Seo Woo Jin
Kim Joo Hun as Park Min Gook

People in Doldam Hospital

Shin Dong Wook as Bae Moon Jung
So Joo Yeon as Yoon Ah Reum
Yoon Na Moo as Jung In soo
Kim Hong Pa as Yeo Woon Young
Jin Kyung as Oh Myung Sim
Im Won Hee as Jang Gi Tae
Byun Woo Min as Nam Do Il
Kim Min Jae as Park Eun Tak

Park Min Gook’s staffs

Go Sang Ho as Yang Ho Joon
Park Hyo Joo as Sim Hye Jin
Bae Myung Jin as Heo Young Kyu
Choi Jin Ho as Do Yoon Wan
Jang Hyuk Jin as Song Hyun Chul


Yoon Bo Ra as Joo Young Mi
Kim Bo Jung as Nurse


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    Could you please double check ep 03 – 1080p WEB-DL Google Drive Link? I’ve been checking for the last 2 days and it still says file not found. Thank you.

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    Min, aku klik link.. selalu 404 not found :”(
    Aku coba tiap link di tiap episode nya, selalu sama 404 not found

  3. 19
    Ji Hyun

    Hi! I am trying with all the links from episode 12 and it shows “500 server error” message. Any idea what is happening? Thank you!

    • 32
      Gogo Administrator

      NEXT itu nama grup rilis, spesilisasi mereka di HDTV rip
      untuk link download di sini label NEXT arti nya video yg ga di re-encode ulang, jdi ga ada pengurangan kualitas video dan ukuran nya besar2

    • 34
      Gogo Administrator

      just click on subscene link provided above there are bunch of them
      access it with vpn if it blocked by your isp

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      Gogo Administrator

      itu versi web-dl yg episode terakhir di split jadi 3 episode 31,32,33 di versi HDTV di gabung jadi ep 16

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