Revenge of Others

Revenge of Others

Title: 3인칭 복수 / Revenge of Others
Genre: Thriller
Episodes: 12
Broadcast network: Disney+
Broadcast period: 2022-Nov-09 to 2022-Dec-14
Air time: Wednesday

When she was a teenager, Ok Chan-mi used to be a shooter for the high school team. One day, her twin brother suddenly died. She tries to find the truth about his death, and she gets involved with Ji Soo-heon. He sets out to avenge the students who bullied him.

Main Cast

Shin Ye Eun as Ok Chan Mi
Lomon as Ji Soo Heon
Seo Ji Hoon as Seok Jae Beom
Chae Sang Woo as Ki Oh Sung
Lee Soo Min as Gook Ji Hyun
Jung Soo Bin as Tae So Yeon

Supporting Cast

Kim Joo Ryoung as Jin So Jeong
Kang Yul as Park Won Seok
Yeon Oh as Im Seung Woo
Wooyeon as Hong Ah Jung
Jin Ho Eun as Sa Jung Kyung
Han Seung Bin