Reflection of You

Reflection of You

Title: 너를 닮은 사람 / Reflection of You
Also known as: Someone Who Looks Like You
Genre: Drama
Episodes: 16
Broadcast network: jTBC
Broadcast period: 2021-Oct-13 to 2021-Dec-02
Air time: Wednesday & Thursday 22:30 KST

Based on the novel by writer Jung So Hyun, the series is about a woman who leaves the conditioned life style of ‘wife and mother’ for a brief period and becomes faithful to her desires, and another woman who comes in contact with her in that short span and loses the light of her life.

Jung Hee Joo (Ko Hyun Jung) had a tough time in her early and youth days. She grows up into a successful painter and essayist. Ahn Hyun Sung (Choi Won Young), her husband is a rich and powerful person. With their two children, they seem to enjoy a perfect family life. Unsatisfied Hee Joo feels like spending her time pointlessly. Then she meets Goo Hae Won (Shin Hyun Bin), an art teacher, lacking worldly means but still full of life and shining.

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Main Cast

Ko Hyun Jung as Jung Hee Joo
Shin Hyun Bin as Goo Hae Won
Kim Jae Young as Seo Woo Jae
Choi Won Young as Ahn Hyun Sung

People around Hee Joo

Kim Bo Yun as Park Young Sun (Hyun Joo’s mother-in-law)
Shin Dong Wook as Jung Sun Woo (Hee Joo’s younger brother)
Jang Hye Jin as Ahn Min Seo (Hyun Joo’s sister-in-law)
Hong Seo Joon as Lee Hyung Ki (Min Seo’s husband)
Kim Soo Ahn as Ahn Lisa (Hee Joo & Hyun Sung’s daughter)
Kim Dong Ha as Ahn Ho Soo (Hee Joo & Hyun Sung’s son)
Park Sung Yun as Lee Dong Mi (Hee Joo’s friend)

People around Hae Won

Lee Ho Jae as Koo Kwang Mo (Hae Won’s grandfather)
Seo Jung Yeon as Koo Jung Yun (Hae Won’s mother)
Kim Sang Ho as Yoon Sang Ho (owner of Single Malt bar)
Shin Hye Ji as Lee Joo Young (Lisa’s classmate)
Seo Jin Won as Lee Il Sung (Joo Young’s father)

Supporting casts

Kim Ho Jung as Lee Jung Eun (manager of Hwain Gallery)
Han Jae Yi as Yoon Jung (curator of Hwain Gallery)
Kang Ae Shim as Ok Soo


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