Title: 몬스타 / Monstar
Genre: Musical, Romance, Youth
Episodes: 12
Broadcast network: tvN
Broadcast period: 2013-May-17 to 2013-Aug-02
Air time: Friday 21:50 KST

When a crazed fan takes it too far with Yoon Seol Chan (Yong Jun Hyung), member of top K-pop boy band Men in Black, he lashes out at her. But in the age of viral videos, no indiscretion is forgiven, especially this one. To take the heat off the ensuing media fiasco, Seol Chan’s management company quietly shoos him off to school, where he is joined by a group of misfits, including transfer student Min Se Yi (Ha Yeon Soo), a talented oddball from New Zealand. In true coming-of-age fashion, this exiled group of students discovers the connections that bind them together: music and friendship.

Subtitles: Subscene | English

Main Cast

Yong Joon Hyung as Yoon Sul Chan
– Park Ji Woo as Yoon Sul Chan (young)
Ha Yeon Soo as Min Se Yi
– Kim Cho Eun as Min Se Yi (young)
Kang Ha Neul as Jung Sun Woo
– Yoon Chan Young as Jung Sun Woo (young)
Ahn Nae Sang as Han Ji Woong
– Jung Joon Young as Han Ji Woong (young)

Monstar Members

Kim Min Young as Sim Eun Ha
Park Kyu Sun as Cha Do Nam
Kang Ui Sik as Park Kyu Dong
Dahee as Kim Ha Na

All For One Members

Moon Yong Suk as Ma Joon Hee
Kim Yoo Hyun as Ma Hyo Rin
Yoon Jong Hoon as Shin Jae Rok


Lee Hee Jin as Dok Go Soon
Kim San Ho as as Choi Joon Goo
Kim Sun Kyung as Choi Kyung (Se Yi’s mother)
– Kim Ye Rim as Choi Kyung (young)
Jo Jae Yoon as Manager Hong
Kim Hee Won as CEO Go
Kim Jae Heung as math teacher
Kim Young Hee as language teacher
Lee Dal Hyung as head teacher
Ryu Hye Rin as Sul Chan’s fan
Yook Sung Jae as Men In Black member
Kim Min Ho


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    admin, can you help me find english subtitle for episode 9 iPOP. Because at subscene, doesn’t have it. Other subs are not suitable for that video.

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      Gogo Administrator

      Link working just fine on my end. maybe try to access it with different browser will help…
      Btw I have already sent the sub to your mail

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