Title: 멜랑꼴리아 / Melancholia
Genre: Romance
Episodes: 16
Broadcast network: tvN
Broadcast period: 2021-Nov-10 to 2021-Dec-30
Air time: Wednesday & Thursday 22:30 KST

Ji Yoon Soo becomes a math teacher in a prestigious high school. There she meets Baek Seung Yoo, a problematic student who is the bottom of the class. She notices his potential in math, and with her care and interaction, Seung Yoo’s grade summits and becomes number one in class. However, she never knew that this care would make teacher-student sexual scandal rumor among other students and parents, which leads her to get fired. 4 years later Yoon-soo and Seung Yoo meet again, now as adults, to reveal the corruptions in school, and to regain her reputation as a teacher.

Subtitles: SubsceneMirror

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Main Cast

Im Soo Jung as Ji Yoon Soo
Lee Do Hyun as Baek Seung Yoo
– Choi Seung Hoon as Seung Yoo (young)
Jin Kyung as Noh Jung Ah
Woo Da Bi as Sung Ye Rin

People around Ji Yoon Soo

Choi Dae Hoon as Ryu Sung Jae (Yoon Soo’s fiancé)
Oh Kwang Rok as Ji Hyun Wook
Jun Kook Hyang as Shin Kyung In
Han Ki Joong as Ryu Hyun Il

People around Baek Seung Yoo

Kim Ho Jin as Baek Min Shik (Seung Yoo’s father)
Baek Ji Won as Min Hee Seung (Seung Yoo’s mother)

People around Sung Ye Rin

Jang Hyun Sung as Sung Min Joon (Ye Rin’s father)
Byun Jung Soo as Yoo Hye Mi (Ye Rin’s mother)
Lee Yoo Jin as Sung Yoo Chan (Ye Rin’s younger brother)

Asung Foundation

Oh Hye Won as Noh Yun Woo
Jang Kwang as Noh In Hyung
Kim Ji Young as Kim Ji Na (Noh Jung Ah’s daughter)

Asung High School teachers & administrators

Son Jin Hwan as Oh Jin Taek (principal)
Jun Jin Gi as Choi Sung Hwan (vice-principal)
Yang Jo Ah as Kim Jin Hee (Korean language teacher)
Ahn Sang Woo as Han Myung Jin (math teacher)
Kim Mi Hye as Ah Seung Ko (math teacher)

Asung High School students

Lee Kang Ji as Lee Hyun Jae (Baek Seung Yoo’s friend)
Lee Sang Jin as Park Hyung Do (Baek Seung Yoo’s friend)
Choi Woo Sung as Jang Kyu Young (Baek Seung Yoo’s rival)


Park Sung Yun as Yoo Sun Ah
Lee Se Na as Jo Yoon Ah


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