May It Please the Court

May It Please the Court

Title: 변론을 시작하겠습니다 / May It Please the Court
Genre: Legal, Mystery
Episodes: 12
Broadcast network: Disney+
Broadcast period: 2022-Sep-21 to 2022-Oct-26
Air time: Wednesday

No Chak-Hee works for a big law firm. She is willing to take any risk to win a case and has become an ace attorney at the law firm. She is set to receive a promotion to a partner position, but a problem occurs on a case she accepted. Due to this, she almost gets suspended for a year. Instead, No Chak-Hee begins to work as a public defender. She hopes to return to her position at the law firm where she worked previously. As a public defender, she shares an office with fellow public defender Jwa Shi-Baek.

Jwa Shi-Baek graduated from the Judicial Research and Training Institute as the top student. He had his choice of becoming a judge, prosecutor, or attorney at a big law firm, but he chose to work as a public defender. He is enthusiastic with his work and also has a mysterious part of his personal life that nobody knows about.

No Chak-Hee and Jwa Shi-Baek don’t get along very well, but they get involved in a serial murder case. The victims are wealthy elderly people.

Subtitles: SubsceneMirror

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Main Cast

Jung Ryeo Won as Noh Chak Hee
Lee Kyu Hyung as Jwa Si Baek
Jung Jin Young as Jang Ki Do

Supporting Cast

Kim Hye Eun as Oh Ha Ran
Kim Sang Ho as Shin Chi Sik
Park So Jin as Jang Yeon
Go Gyu Pil as Do Young Soo
Hong Seo Joon as Oh Dae Hyeon
Lee Sang Hee as Yoo Gyeong Jin
Park Jung Hak as Yoon Seok Goo
Ryu Seung Hyun as Cho Hyun Sik
No Sang Bo as Kang Sang Man
Jeon Moo Song
Jung Min Sung
Kim Dong Gyun
Woo Kang Min

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