Mad for Each Other

Mad for Each Other

Title: 이 구역의 미친 X / Mad for Each Other
Genre: Romance, Comedy
Episodes: 13
Broadcast network: Kakao TV
Broadcast period: 2021-May-24 to 2021-Jun-21
Air time: Monday-Wednesday

Two people with their own painful stories who go through a complicated process of hurting and healing while falling in love with each other.

Noh Hwi Oh is a detective in the violent crimes division of the Gangnam Police Station. He thinks that he is doing well until his life suddenly takes a turn and he becomes a “crazy” person who can’t hold in his anger about anything.

Lee Min Kyung is a woman who is caught up in her own delusions and compulsions. She had lived an ordinary life as a pretty woman with a respectable job until “that incident” that caused everything in her life to break down. As a result, she was unable to trust anyone and is caught in a prison of her own making. Her delusions also have the unfortunate side effect of making everyone else around her angry.

Subtitles: Internal eng, ind softsub |

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Main Cast

Oh Yeon Seo as Lee Min Kyung
Jung Woo as Noh Hwi Oh

Supporting Cast

Ahn Woo Yeon as Sang Yeob
Lee Soo Hyun as Su Hyun
Kim Nam Hee as Seon Ho
Baek Ji Won as In Ja
Lee Hye Eun as Sun Young
Lee Yeon Du as Joo Ri
Jung Seung Kil as Manager Kim