Lonely Enough to Love

Lonely Enough to Love

Title: 연애는 귀찮지만 외로운 건 싫어! / Lonely Enough to Love
Also known as: Love Is Annoying, But I Hate Being Lonely
Genre: Romance, Comedy
Episodes: 10
Broadcast network: MBC every1
Broadcast period: 2020-Aug-11 to 2020-Oct-13
Air time: Tuesday 22:50 KST

A successful psychiatrist in his thirties, Cha Kang Woo (Ji Hyun Woo) could be considered by some to be the perfect man. Handsome and single, with a successful career, he has no problem finding women who are attracted to him. Unfortunately, his traumatic past has made it impossible for him to reciprocate anyone’s feelings as he harbors a very real fear of romantic relationships. Despite not wanting to date, Kang Woo still craves interaction with others, and as he’s intrigued by the habits of others, he finds residing at a co-living house to be just about perfect.

But life takes an unexpected turn when Lee Na Eun (Kim So Eun) moves in. A freelance copy editor who dreams of someday becoming a novelist, Na Eun sparks feelings within Kang Woo he wasn’t expecting. Generous to those she deems good and intolerant of any sort of injustice, Na Eun is a unique woman, who has, coincidentally, spent the last four years single. While being single doesn’t bother her, Na Eun has to admit that being lonely is no fun.

Despite the fact that Kang Woo and Na Eun prefer the freedom that comes with being single, they both agree that they’d rather not be lonely. Can true love blossom between housemates when neither seems willing to commit to a serious relationship?

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Main Cast

Ji Hyun Woo as Cha Kang Woo (psychiatrist)
Kim So Eun as Lee Na Eun (aspiring novelist)
Park Gun Il as Kang Hyun Jin (airline steward)

Happy Together residents

Han Ji Wan as Choi Kyung Won (Gangnam plastic surgery consultant)
Ha Young as Jun Bo Ra (deputy marketing team member of a foreign beverage company)
Gong Chan as Jung Hoon (professional VIP bodyguard)
Kim San Ho as Kim Dong Suk (owner of Happy Together share house)

Na Eun’s friends

Son Ji Hyun as Han Ah Reum (cafe owner)
Cha Soo Yun as Jo Ji Ah (editor of webzine)
? as David (Ji Ah’s boyfriend)


Noh Ji Hoon as Ji Hoon (airline steward)
? as Bae Hyo Jung (airline stewardess)
? as Ha Mi Ran (psychiatrist)


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    • 7

      Di komen no 1 udh admin jelaskan dia cuma ambil versi web-dl untuk drama ini
      lagian drama ini ga terlalu rame bukti nya sampai sekarang ga ada yg ngesub ke bhs indo
      jadi buat apa gila2an ambil banyak versi

      • 8

        Gak rame bkn berati gada yg nonton kak, lagian wajar kalo blm banyak yg ngesub namanya jg baru satu eps, gak semua drama langsung hype. Dramanya worth to watch kok. Btw thanks buat adminnya yg udh upload👍

    • 9

      FYI, WEB-DL dan NEXT version versi drama ini durasinya sama kok 59 menit 15 detik . klo Unknown cuma beda 1 menit dan iklannya di ujung dramanya lagi hhe

      @Mel, ada kok klo mau nunggu versi dari VIKI hhe.. bukan gak laku hanya saja drama ini gak tersedia di Region Indonesia.. padahal dramnya rame. lagian cuma 2 episode juga sih setahu aku

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