Knowing Bros

Knowing Bros

Title: 아는 형님 / Knowing Bros
Also known as: Knowing Brothers / Men on a Mission / Ask Us Anything
Broadcast network: jTBC
Broadcast period: 2015-Dec-05 ~ Ongoing
Air time: Saturday 21:00 KST

Knowing Bros is a comedic reality show where male celebrities play make-believe as high-schoolers who take on guest celebrities. The guest celebrities appear on the show as star transfer students in a classroom setting format. The hosts and guests will then engage in battles of with humour, silly face-offs, and slapstick sketch comedies portraying the activities regular students would do. From wacky game challenges with on-the-spot rules, to ad-libbed skits, ‘Dancestagrams’, guessing games revealing celebrity secrets never before exposed to the public and 99-second teamwork competitions, this variety show is packed with laughter, fun and suspense the whole family can enjoy.

Subtitles: Subscene | Downsub (WEB-DL)


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  1. 2

    Min,,, boleh minta video ato link subtitle english/indonesia variety show Candy in My Ear’s 2 episode 4,5,6,7 [2017] yang ada lee Joon Gi sama Park Min Young ? Nyari2 belum ketemu juga sampe 2019 , makasih min…

    • 5
      ca gun

      saya bantu jawab. acara Candy in My Ear’s 2 ini hanya tayang di tv korea saja , gak tayang di luar korea (di situs resmi).
      acar ini hanya tayang d tv kabel tvN. jadi baik drama / variety show kalau hanya tayang di korea aja, gak ada subtitlenya. karena di korea tayang tanpa subtitle.
      Jadi kamu kalau mau cari subtitle harus cari di fansbase idol / aktor/artisnya , biasanya fans suka ada yg ngesub dari bahasa korea ke english sub, karena fans luar negeri lbh aktif.
      klo kamu mau nonton yg harsub english ada di, tulis aja di google ada.
      klo indo sub gk ada, krena gk ada fans indo yg mensub

  2. 7
    Clarisha Melciana

    Min, ada variety show baru Kang’s Kitchen Season 2 tayang tanggal 30 Mei 2019, tolong dimasukkin yaa, gomawoyo, saranghaeyoo <3

  3. 8

    admin, bisa tolong kasih keterangan juga siapa bintang tamu nya ga? Untuk lebih mempermudah donwload nya, terimakasih admin.

      • 16

        That is the part I am confused about there is a link it does not take me anywhere lol. I have disabled Ad Blocker no difference. I click on Download English subtitle and I get a random file lol as I am on Mac so nothing there too. Lol I don’t know what to do 😭

        • 17
          Gogo Administrator

          ignore that link, you just need to click on “Download english subtitle” button and you will get the subtitle file in zip

  4. 18

    hi! would it be a chance that this show gets uploaded on 1080p web-dl?

    (i know you’re not taking requests at the moment, but i didn’t know if this question would count as a request as you’re uploading this show already, so i had to ask, sorry anyway /o\ please ignore it if it makes you uncomfortable, and thank you so much for your work!!)

  5. 29
    Gogo Administrator

    it’s getting harder to find original NEXT release on public tracker, so I decide to use web-dl version from now on

  6. 33

    admin, boleh minta tolong updtae variety shownya player 7 (yg ada lee sugeun, lee yi kyung, hwang jesong, dll) terima kasih 🙂

  7. 36

    Menurutku Lebih hd yg webdl lebih bening ditv nya dibndingkan versi next, klo bisa running man yg webdl juga klo ada source nya

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