Kang’s Kitchen (Season 2-3)

Kang's Kitchen 3

Title: 신서유기 외전 강식당 3 / Kang’s Kitchen 3
Broadcast network: tvN
Broadcast period: 2019-July-05 ~ 2019-Aug-02
Air time: Friday 21:10 KST

Kang’s Kitchen is back and opens again. This time, they start their business in Gyeongju, the city known for its beautiful scenery and long history. Boss Kang is full of passion, and Jae Hyeon is skillful in the kitchen. P.O newly joins Kang’s Kitchen, and Ji Won and MINO take charge of the desserts. And Su Geun does everything else as usual. This time, everything is new. They are back with a bigger restaurant, more menus, and better service. The staffs do their best to satisfy and give great memories to the customers and make Kang’s Kitchen a place full of love and respect.

Subtitles: Internal English softSub


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  1. 1
    Clarisha Melciana

    saranghaeyoo eonnie <3 thank you banget udah provide variety show ini, terharu.. aku suka banget iniiiii….

  2. 5

    can you upload the upcoming variety show of lee seung gi (little forest)and lee hyori w/ finkl member??? I will appreciate it so much, thank you in advance…

  3. 8
    Clarisha Melciana

    new journey to the west universe! new journey to the west season 7 coming soon this friday! i cannot be readier, please get that show, i know i can count on you <3 would love it if you can find another show, new journey to the west from season 1-6 and the spin offs (kang's kitchen season 1, youth over flowers for winner, three meals a day in iceland!)

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