Title: 아이템 / Item
Genre: Fantasy, Mystery, Crime
Episodes: 32
Broadcast network: MBC
Broadcast period: 2019-Feb-11 to 2019-April-02
Air time: Monday & Tuesday 22:00 KST

What if normal items which belong to normal people are able to do extraordinary things? Unbelievable things are now possible due to items contain special powers. Kang Gon, a prosecutor who can’t stand injustice, investigates paranormal events. He must continue investigating to save his cousin, whom he loves very much. While trying to save his cousin, Thankfully, Kang Gon gets the help of a brilliant colleague, Shin So Young. Even when she is in the horrendous crime scene, she is still collected, competent, and decisive. The duo faces individuals who are aware of the power and danger of these items. One of them is Jo Se Hwang, a man with power and status. He appears to be a successful and progressive entrepreneur on the surface, but he is a sociopath who craves bloodshed. He wishes to use these dangerous items to murder others as he pleases. While there are who help Kang Gon and So Young uncover the mysteries behind these items, it will be a strenuous and difficult journey for them.

Subtitles: Subscene

Main Cast

Joo Ji Hoon as Kang Gon
– Jung Ji Hoon as Kang Gon (young)
Jin Se Yun as Shin So Young
Kim Kang Woo as Jo Se Hwang
Kim Yoo Ri as Han Yoo Na
Park Won Sang as Goo Dong Young

Gon’s family

Shin Rin Ah as Kang Da In (Kang Gon’s niece)

People around So Young

Lee Dae Yeon as Shin Goo Chul (So Young’s father)
Oh Seung Hoon as Seo Yo Han


Kim Byung Ki as Jo Gwan
Lee Jung Hyun as Goo Dae Soo
Choi Jin Ho as deputy prosecutor general
Lee Sung Woo as detective
Jung In Kyum
Kim Do Hyun as Choi Ho Joon
Yook Jin Soo
Kim Min Kyo as Bang Hak Jae


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  1. 13

    Min, knp Drama yg versi WEB-DL audionya agak kurang SEPERTI ada kresek² gitu kalo ga lagi ada dialog. Terasa bgt kalo pake earphone. Yg paling jelas terasa yaitu di “ITEM” ver. WEB-DL. Apa itu efek dr encoding x265 yg size kecil, gambar bagus, namun audio kurang karena utk memperirit size? Berharap kedepannya ada peningkatan audio.
    Ini hanya sekedar saran, meskipun ga penting² bgt.
    Tapi bukan berarti saya INGIN dibilang “Ngapain sih lu repot2 urusin hal yang ga penting? Tonton aja udah! Lagian lu nonton ga bayar a.s GRATIS”.

    Terima kasih.

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