I Picked Up a Star on the Road

I Picked Up a Star on the Road

Title: 나는 길에서 연예인을 주웠다 / I Picked Up a Star on the Road
Also Known as: I Picked Up a Celebrity On the Street / I Picked Up the Star
Genre: Romance, Comedy, Youth
Episodes: 10
Broadcast network: Oksusu
Broadcast period: 2018-Nov-01 to 2018-Nov-30

Contract worker Lee Yeon Seo (Kim Ga Eun) daydreams about teaching her manager a lesson, but accidentally acts out her vengeful fantasy on the top Hallyu star, Kang Joon Hyuk (Sung Hoon) in a twist of events. Thinking she accidentally killed Joon Hyuk, Yeon Seo secretly takes Joon Hyuk to her house and prepares to get rid of the body! But Joon Hyuk (Sung Hoon) is alive and thinks that he has been kidnapped by a psychopath! Seeing no other option, Yeon Seo keeps him hostage so that he doesn’t turn her into the police. How long can she keep him hidden from the world, and can she ever convince him that she’s not an evil person?

Subtitles: Subscene


Sung Hoon as Kang Joon Hyuk
Kim Ga Eun as Lee Yeon Seo
Kim Jong Hoon as Hwang Nam Goo
Kang Sung Jin as Representative Kim
Lizzy as Jin Se Ra
Ji Ho Sung as Mir
Yoon Kyung Ho as Detective Byun
Heo Joon Suk as Section Chief Nam
Han Eun Sun as Moon Hee
Jung Mi Mi as Ji Eun
Hwang Jung Min as Yeon Seo’s mom
Lee Do Yun as Young Lee Yeon Seo

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