How to Download

We use one annoying shortener for every link to keep this site running, follow these steps to get your download link

1. On the shortlink page scroll down a bit then click on “Click here to continue”.

2. On the second page wait for the timer then keep click on “Get Link” button until you get directed to download page
– Remember do not click any download button on shortlink page!
– Close any popup tab/windows immediately! do not interact with it!



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    Hi there, thanks for your quick uploads and hard work.
    I’ve been having problems accessing the links since yesterday; I can’t get to the adsnesia page and it keeps telling me that the connection has timed out. Would it be possible to check the links at your end?
    Thank you.

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      Gogo Administrator

      most WEB-DL ver already embedded with eng softsub, and for HDTV you can download the subs separately from

  2. 8

    Why did you set the region limit now?? Could you fix the link limit on the shortlink page?PLEASE!!! I can’t get any video now!!
    Thanks (It says ” You are not allowed to access this site. ” on the shortlink page)

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      Gogo Administrator

      everything you see in shortener page are out of my control, if you’re using vpn/proxy try to turn it off
      I’ll use current shortener until I find a better replacement

  3. 10

    Hi admin,
    After verifying the captcha, the page asks if you want to leave the page and if clicking yes, it’ll do another countdown (not the same as the second page screenshot you put up) and it does not re-direct to anywhere else.
    Not had this problem until last few days, please help?

  4. 13

    I could download without problem before, but now the links just direct me to a site like an advertisement or something, there are several “download” or “click here” buttons and none of them works 🙁 what should I do, is it because of my region? Please, help 🙁

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        It worked after I closed the ad window and clicked on “click here to continue” for the second time, thank you very much for the quick reply!

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      Gogo Administrator

      web-dl refer to the video rip source which is streaming site service like viu, viki, netflix etc
      it can be downloaded on any device

  5. 25

    Hi. first thank you so much for all the content. appreciate it all!!!
    I was trying to DL Graceful Family and when i finish with the captcha and hit Get Link, I dont get google drive anymore I get DDDrive. do you have instructions on how to use DDDrive to download? I tried logging in with a gmail account but the it says it needs full access to all my account including downloading and editing.

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      Gogo Administrator

      it’s a google drive file sharer app, just login with your google account and make sure to allow all permission asked by the app
      when you click download the app will create a copy of file into your drive and initiate download directly from it
      the app has no access to your files but if you fell paranoid about your account safety you can always create a new google account just for downloading

  6. 30
    Marian Clarisse Madrid

    I can’t download. 😩 when i click the Get Link, It’s only redirecting to Shopee and Lazada. 😭😭😭

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      Gogo Administrator

      did you posted here without even read the guide?
      it’s a shortener page, just follow the steps posted on this guide

      • 34

        I had read the guide and all the comments before posting, thank you very much Gogo. I had followed the steps and it kept taking me to another site that was not at all as you had described. I will read the guide and comments AGAIN and keep trying, I am sure your helpful reply will get me through the shortened link and to the downloads. Thank you so much for your very helpful response!

        • 35
          Gogo Administrator

          some click will trigger popup ads before you reach the destination page, make sure to close those popup page/tabs immediately and you should be fine

  7. 36

    Is the download speed with dddrive limited ? because i think its now very slow to download from dddrive than usually from normal google drive ? can we just normally download it from google drive ?

    • 37
      Gogo Administrator

      dddrive is not a file host, it just a google drive filesharer/protector app
      the files you download are actually stored at your own drive

  8. 38

    I don’t know where is the wrong…. I’ve tried downloaded using all the links but all files only showed as audio in my laptop? is there anything I need to change?

  9. 45


    I have a LG smart tv but it can’t play any x265 files. Do you know if there is anything I can do to play these files on tv? I don’t want to downgrade to 540 due to quality. Thanks!

  10. 48
    Xander Vuge

    Please upload OST from Drama Touch (2020) couldnt find it anywhere i am searching for “Make up your mind and make up your feeling”

  11. 50

    Hi, since last week the DDRive black download link does not appear, and when we try to downlod the blue link, the following message appears: File was not Found!

    This happens in the Chocolate, Crash Landing on You, Stove League, Touch, Queen: Love And War dramas, and on the Jung Hae-in’s Walk-documentary TV show.

  12. 59

    Hello! Mega links for Mr Sunshine were not not working. I wanted to download 720 WEB-DL since it has already English subtitle. Terima kasih semua!

  13. 60

    I’m not sure if you’re taking requests right now, but could you upload “How Are You Bread – 하와유브레드”? (720p x265)

    • 61
      Gogo Administrator

      I’m no longer accepting any kind of requests
      however I already planning to upload that series after it finished

  14. 62

    Hi, I am having problems with getting the link to download “He is psychometric” episode 11. I did everything from what you told us to do but it won’t let me go the site for downloading. I don’t know what to do!

  15. 66

    Hi, I’m just wondering if the admin don’t mind, can I request variety show? It’s 1 Day 2 Night but it’s season 1, 2, and 3. Thank You :”)

  16. 71
    Nelia Rivera

    Hi, i used to download with no problems at all. But now, my google account and password is being asked to continue. Is it really necessary?

    • 72
      Gogo Administrator

      if you mean by dddrive app, yes you need to login with your google acc and make sure to grant all permission asked by the app
      it will help to create a copy of files you want to download directly into your gdrive

  17. 73

    I would like to suggest using a web host called (not MEGA). It’s been around quite awhile. It’s as fast as google drive but more stable with almost zero problems. Perhaps you can replace with Uptobox.

  18. 74

    Thank you for listening to my yesterdays suggestion. Hopefully all future upcoming dramas will remain using these web hosts. Racaty is also pretty good web host. I’ve yet to see how reliable Racaty is compared to Thanks again.

  19. 75


    • 77
      Gogo Administrator

      i’ll leave it out until it get subbed
      there seem to be no streaming site take interest to license it mean chance it get subbed are small

  20. 79

    Can you tell me how can i play online or download if my Google drive is full? I mean i deleted everything from g drive but still its showing full dont know why or can you suggest any websites where i can play or download in 1080p please ty

  21. 81

    Hello, just wondering if you could upload Kdrama’s in 1080p in MEGA as I find that their servers work the fastest.

  22. 86

    hi im confused
    what do you mean by shortlink page??
    when i click on any link to download a drama it connects to a different website called adtival
    can you let me know what this mean??

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