How to Download

1. On the shortlink page scroll down a bit then click on “I’m not a robot”

2. Verify the captcha then click on “Click here to continue”. ( Do not click on Download Button )
(captcha can be really annoying sometimes please don’t blame us for that, we have no control over it)

3. On the second page wait for the countdown then click on “Get Link” you will be directed to download page
Remember do not click any download button on shortlink page!



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  1. 1

    Hi there, thanks for your quick uploads and hard work.
    I’ve been having problems accessing the links since yesterday; I can’t get to the adsnesia page and it keeps telling me that the connection has timed out. Would it be possible to check the links at your end?
    Thank you.

    • 5
      Gogo Administrator

      most WEB-DL ver already embedded with eng softsub, and for HDTV you can download the subs separately from

  2. 8

    Why did you set the region limit now?? Could you fix the link limit on the shortlink page?PLEASE!!! I can’t get any video now!!
    Thanks (It says ” You are not allowed to access this site. ” on the shortlink page)

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      Gogo Administrator

      everything you see in shortener page are out of my control, if you’re using vpn/proxy try to turn it off
      I’ll use current shortener until I find a better replacement

  3. 10

    Hi admin,
    After verifying the captcha, the page asks if you want to leave the page and if clicking yes, it’ll do another countdown (not the same as the second page screenshot you put up) and it does not re-direct to anywhere else.
    Not had this problem until last few days, please help?

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