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– Click Close/Tutup on small popup window (if appear)

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  1. 1

    Hi there, thanks for your quick uploads and hard work.
    I’ve been having problems accessing the links since yesterday; I can’t get to the adsnesia page and it keeps telling me that the connection has timed out. Would it be possible to check the links at your end?
    Thank you.

  2. 14

    Why did you set the region limit now?? Could you fix the link limit on the shortlink page?PLEASE!!! I can’t get any video now!!
    Thanks (It says ” You are not allowed to access this site. ” on the shortlink page)

    • 15
      Gogo Administrator

      everything you see in shortener page are out of my control, if you’re using vpn/proxy try to turn it off
      I’ll use current shortener until I find a better replacement

  3. 16

    Hi admin,
    After verifying the captcha, the page asks if you want to leave the page and if clicking yes, it’ll do another countdown (not the same as the second page screenshot you put up) and it does not re-direct to anywhere else.
    Not had this problem until last few days, please help?

  4. 19

    I could download without problem before, but now the links just direct me to a site like an advertisement or something, there are several “download” or “click here” buttons and none of them works 🙁 what should I do, is it because of my region? Please, help 🙁

      • 21

        It worked after I closed the ad window and clicked on “click here to continue” for the second time, thank you very much for the quick reply!

    • 28
      Gogo Administrator

      web-dl refer to the video rip source which is streaming site service like viu, viki, netflix etc
      it can be downloaded on any device

  5. 33

    Hi. first thank you so much for all the content. appreciate it all!!!
    I was trying to DL Graceful Family and when i finish with the captcha and hit Get Link, I dont get google drive anymore I get DDDrive. do you have instructions on how to use DDDrive to download? I tried logging in with a gmail account but the it says it needs full access to all my account including downloading and editing.

    • 34
      Gogo Administrator

      it’s a google drive file sharer app, just login with your google account and make sure to allow all permission asked by the app
      when you click download the app will create a copy of file into your drive and initiate download directly from it
      the app has no access to your files but if you fell paranoid about your account safety you can always create a new google account just for downloading

  6. 38
    Marian Clarisse Madrid

    I can’t download. 😩 when i click the Get Link, It’s only redirecting to Shopee and Lazada. 😭😭😭

    • 41
      Gogo Administrator

      did you posted here without even read the guide?
      it’s a shortener page, just follow the steps posted on this guide

      • 42

        I had read the guide and all the comments before posting, thank you very much Gogo. I had followed the steps and it kept taking me to another site that was not at all as you had described. I will read the guide and comments AGAIN and keep trying, I am sure your helpful reply will get me through the shortened link and to the downloads. Thank you so much for your very helpful response!

        • 43
          Gogo Administrator

          some click will trigger popup ads before you reach the destination page, make sure to close those popup page/tabs immediately and you should be fine

  7. 44

    Is the download speed with dddrive limited ? because i think its now very slow to download from dddrive than usually from normal google drive ? can we just normally download it from google drive ?

    • 45
      Gogo Administrator

      dddrive is not a file host, it just a google drive filesharer/protector app
      the files you download are actually stored at your own drive

  8. 46

    I don’t know where is the wrong…. I’ve tried downloaded using all the links but all files only showed as audio in my laptop? is there anything I need to change?

  9. 53


    I have a LG smart tv but it can’t play any x265 files. Do you know if there is anything I can do to play these files on tv? I don’t want to downgrade to 540 due to quality. Thanks!

  10. 57
    Xander Vuge

    Please upload OST from Drama Touch (2020) couldnt find it anywhere i am searching for “Make up your mind and make up your feeling”

  11. 59

    Hi, since last week the DDRive black download link does not appear, and when we try to downlod the blue link, the following message appears: File was not Found!

    This happens in the Chocolate, Crash Landing on You, Stove League, Touch, Queen: Love And War dramas, and on the Jung Hae-in’s Walk-documentary TV show.

  12. 68

    Hello! Mega links for Mr Sunshine were not not working. I wanted to download 720 WEB-DL since it has already English subtitle. Terima kasih semua!

  13. 69

    I’m not sure if you’re taking requests right now, but could you upload “How Are You Bread – 하와유브레드”? (720p x265)

    • 70
      Gogo Administrator

      I’m no longer accepting any kind of requests
      however I already planning to upload that series after it finished

  14. 71

    Hi, I am having problems with getting the link to download “He is psychometric” episode 11. I did everything from what you told us to do but it won’t let me go the site for downloading. I don’t know what to do!

  15. 75

    Hi, I’m just wondering if the admin don’t mind, can I request variety show? It’s 1 Day 2 Night but it’s season 1, 2, and 3. Thank You :”)

  16. 80
    Nelia Rivera

    Hi, i used to download with no problems at all. But now, my google account and password is being asked to continue. Is it really necessary?

    • 81
      Gogo Administrator

      if you mean by dddrive app, yes you need to login with your google acc and make sure to grant all permission asked by the app
      it will help to create a copy of files you want to download directly into your gdrive

  17. 82

    I would like to suggest using a web host called (not MEGA). It’s been around quite awhile. It’s as fast as google drive but more stable with almost zero problems. Perhaps you can replace with Uptobox.

  18. 83

    Thank you for listening to my yesterdays suggestion. Hopefully all future upcoming dramas will remain using these web hosts. Racaty is also pretty good web host. I’ve yet to see how reliable Racaty is compared to Thanks again.

  19. 84


    • 86
      Gogo Administrator

      i’ll leave it out until it get subbed
      there seem to be no streaming site take interest to license it mean chance it get subbed are small

  20. 88

    Can you tell me how can i play online or download if my Google drive is full? I mean i deleted everything from g drive but still its showing full dont know why or can you suggest any websites where i can play or download in 1080p please ty

  21. 91

    Hello, just wondering if you could upload Kdrama’s in 1080p in MEGA as I find that their servers work the fastest.

  22. 96

    hi im confused
    what do you mean by shortlink page??
    when i click on any link to download a drama it connects to a different website called adtival
    can you let me know what this mean??

  23. 100

    hey I am not able to find “Witch’s Romance” this drama here, starring – park seo joon , uhm Jung hwa , please add that here, thank you

  24. 101

    Press Google Drive How to Download “Click here to continue” to display a warning virus webpage for unknown reasons ???

    • 102
      Gogo Administrator

      popup ads containing adware are usually blocked by av
      all you need to do are just close those popup tab/windows

  25. 110

    Unfortunately the download from Mega failed because my internet is very slow.
    So I would be very thankful if you fix the Google Drive links.

  26. 111
    Fahim Faisal

    Can you upload some drama’s 1080p resolution? Drama name –
    Deserving Of The Name
    Another Miss Oh
    Please upload them!

  27. 113

    Hello Admin, I can’t download. After click ‘Get Link’ open add pages. I can’t download. Please help me. I tried all links and 10 or 20 times. But it’s not working

    • 114
      Gogo Administrator

      there should be only 1 or 2 add pages when you click on get link, close those add pages and keep click get link till you get directed to file host page

  28. 115

    Hello… While downloading from Google Drive server IDM frequently gets disconnected… stuck at ‘send get’ and unable to resume download. Repeated downloads by starting afresh often result in same issue! Is there a download limit imposed on Google Drive server?

  29. 120

    Hello, i would like to say thank you so much for making this website.. i really enjoy it a lot, and you make it easier too.. but i have question, did you delete some variety show? Because i saw several variety show times ago but i can’t find in your page again.. I was looking for Coffee Friends.. did you save it in other page or something? And do you perhaps have Kang’s Kitchen season 1 and Roommate season 1 too?? Thank you so much! Have a nice day!^^

    • 124
      Gogo Administrator

      binggung aku sama pertanyaan mu ini
      dari awal 720p jg udh selalu ku encode dgn x265 bahkan di file name nya selalu di label x265

    • 129
      Gogo Administrator

      work just fine here, it’s the same shortener after all I never change anything here. that page name changing from time to time and I have no control over that
      give more detail what the problem is… no one can help if you just saying you can download

  30. 135

    Hi I really appreciate your work here. And understand how hard to maintain he website. Thanks for your hard work. Because of you I downloaded so much dramas. If you can please try to add “SAVE THE LAST DANCE FOR ME (2004)” and “ROYAL FAMILY (2011)”.

  31. 137

    so after i click get link i go somewhere and i need to allow notifications in order to continue but when i allow it says it might not be safe and it keeps going to norton and im not getting the link so yeah

    • 138
      Gogo Administrator

      that is ad page close it immediately do not allow any push notification
      you will get at least 2 popup ad on the second page before you get directed to the real download link
      so just close those ad pages

  32. 139

    Thank you very much for doing this! Your work is truly appreciated. I know it would be more work for you, but may I request an upload of Na PD’s previous variety series YOUTH OVER FLOWERS? After Hospital Playlist, I kinda missed seeing Yoo Yeon Seok and Jo Jung Seok being their dorky, adorable selves in reality tv. Thank you!!!!

    • 143
      Gogo Administrator

      tinggal download aja dari subscene
      krn yg 1080p ep 4 ga ada di embed sub sama sekali jadi aku ga punya sub nya

  33. 145

    my norton has continue to flag the links as virus and I can no longer access the links. I had no issues for over a year until this week. I think it needs a new place

    • 146
      Gogo Administrator

      I use kaspersky and it detect nothing
      some ads are marked as adware by av are common thing, as long as you know what are you doing and not downloading random .exe file and installing it you should be fine

  34. 147

    how do you get to the Shortner page? I click on the drama I want, it takes me to the next that that give s me the option to download from Google drive, Racaty, etc. I don’t see anything else like “click this to continue”. Could you please share how I can get to the shortner page, or provide the link. I want to download the drama It’s Okay To Not Be Okay.

  35. 149

    Hi, Administrator. Please, i don’t understand how to download from DDDrive. I do log in my google account, then allow all permissions asked, but still don’t get a link to download, just a regular dddrive homepage, although it shows i’m logged. Thanks in advance

  36. 151

    I love this website! Thank you so much for your hard work. I was wondering if there’s something like this for CDramas and JDramas?

  37. 153

    CIAO, vi ho scoperto ieri, e vi ringrazio per tutto ti chiedo se sai dove potrei trovare i sub per le tue raw di goblin, per ora ti ringrazio nfinitamente ciao

  38. 155

    Hi aAdmin. Please help to check the 720p next version of Its okay to not be okay ep14. I have downloaded 3rd time, cannot be stream once finished. I think error/broken video. Please help to reupload! Thanks a lot

    • 156
      Gogo Administrator

      stream? did you mean you just copy the file and try to stream it online without downloading to your disk?

      I tested downloaded and it play just fine on my vid player

  39. 165

    mau blg terima kasih in web drama dgn plihan size dan versi yang lengkap, apa admin atau web ny punya medsos buat update info ttg web ny, ud nyaman download dr sini dan tkt jika nanti web ny tb2 mati hrus kontak kemana sperti web2 sebelah (rer*ps dll cntohny), thanks admin

  40. 166

    Hi there! Thanks for all the work you put on sharing new and old dramas. Would you consider putting Mr.Heart? (Same production that did Where Your Eyes Linger)

    • 167
      Gogo Administrator

      couldn’t find any video rip of it for now, maybe after it ended
      but I can’t promise anything

      nvm added now

  41. 168

    Thank you so much for all your work in this website it’s thanks to you that I can have such a good drama experience. The website is super pretty and clean too~
    Lots of love !

  42. 170

    min kok pas baru dihalaman pertama diminta matikan Adblock yaa padahal gapernah pake adblock dan dari kemaren kalo mau download lancar2 aja

  43. 176

    Hi..There’s a pop-up msg saying I have to disable ADBLOCk- but I don’t have ADBLOCK?! What do I do? It isn’t like this before..Pls help..

  44. 178

    the lick that says “CLICK HERE TO CONTINUE” is not showing on my end. can you confirm that this is only happening on our end. it is also not showing on my laptop and cellphone. thanks

  45. 180

    Hi, I’m trying to download the drama Something in the Rain from google drive, but I keep getting the message quota exceeded even though I was able to download the other episodes.

  46. 181

    Hey, do you encode the files yourself into x265? Can you let me know the CRC and preset settings? I have a lot of old drama and would like to contribute to the community. I could also help you with 1080 x265 encodes. Your work is appreciated!!!

    • 184
      Gogo Administrator

      biasa nya krn page nya blm ke load sepenuh nya
      krn mereka pasang banyak banget iklan di sana jadi agak berat load nya
      coba di refresh aja halaman nya sampai bisa

  47. 193

    It says that I have an adblock but there are none adblocks in my computer and I can’t download episodes of k-drama, Help Me admin.

    • 196
      Gogo Administrator

      I personally prefer uptobox but only because I have the premium so it’s max up the download speed (their premium are quite cheap) I don’t recommend it for free user

  48. 197

    Hello there are several kdramas that I want to download, but it is expired, please if you can fix that I would appreciate it.

  49. 201

    Why do we need to allow DDDrive to get access to all of your Google Drive files and let it have the ability to copy/delete them?

    This is not acceptable…

    • 202
      Gogo Administrator

      create a new dummy google account if you don’t trust the app
      the app has no access to user files it’s only able to create a copy of file into user account

  50. 207

    Having trouble with sweet home episodes.Dddrive cant send files in my gdrive.its always showing troubleshooting page when i click download option.i also tried different email address but same problem again and only happens when i try to download sweet home episodes via direct links of dddrive.

    • 208
      Gogo Administrator

      did you even read the linked troubleshooting page?
      if there are too many user downloading the file transfer quota will reached it limit, gdrive will then soft ban my account that’s why it’s not working. if you insist using gdrive then wait till the transfer limit reset by it self

    • 215
      Gogo Administrator

      what subs are you looking for?
      or you can just simply go to and use the search bar to find the title you’re looking for

  51. 216

    Hi, I’ve followed your steps of downloading but I somehow get lost with the second step. Is there any way you could help me? I can’t seem to find the “get link”.

    • 217
      Gogo Administrator

      it should be open in the current tab when you click on “click here to continue” on step 1
      if it open a new tab then close it and go back to previous tab

      • 218

        Thank you! But now I have a problem I have gotten to the downloading process and once it’s downloaded it does not open. 🙁 Does it have to do with my computer or something? I have a Mac is that the problem? I can’t open anything I downloaded.

        • 219
          Gogo Administrator

          i’m not familiar with mac, check the extension of file you just downloaded and search google how to open it on your platform
          most media player like vlc media player should be able to play .mp4 .mkv files
          just in case you’re using the video for editing apps like adobe/vegas to make clip/gif those app does not support .mkv file

  52. 224

    Hey there, I am unable to use to DDrive as it always says “unable to copy try troubleshooting” then also I am unable to use it I have space in my GD. The drama is ” True Beauty” web dl. In troubleshooting it is saying the “File owner account transfers bandwidth limit exceeded”

  53. 227
    Madielane Sam

    Hi there! it seems like the shortener can’t take me to the link where I can download any drama,can you fix it it just won’t load and take me to the download sites

  54. 228

    Hello there. Why am I getting this everytime no matter what I do?? I have disabled my adblocker, and also my antivirus. but still I am getting this msg.
    “Matikan AdBlock

    Untuk Melanjutkan Download, Silahkan Matikan Adblock anda, Jangan Lupa Subcribe Channelnya juga.
    Terima kasih.”

    any solution for this??

  55. 236

    Hello I downloaded episodes 13 and 14 of True Beauty but when I go to play them they don’t work. I have no problems with the other episodes but there seems to be a problem with these two files.

  56. 240

    Ane pake CHROME sama BRAVE di ANDROID JavaScript pop up dsb udh ane izinkan. Tutor diatas jg udh ane lakuin, ttp gabisa. Masih aj di suruh matiin ad block. Perasaan dulu donlot drama gak gini2 amat. Skrg ke block trs

  57. 244

    I keep getting a PR_CONNECT_RESET_ERROR message whenever I access in https: is there any solution to this? Thank you.

  58. 249

    Hallo, could you please check the episodes of It’s Okay to Not Be Okay? Episode 1 is not available neither in Mega nor in Google Drive and I can’t download from Zippyshare and Uptobox. Thank you very much

  59. 250

    Hi im trying to download the eps of the smile has left your eyes from ep 9 to onward but i cant seem to download it , downloading get stuck at the 98% and since i prefer watching in 1080p both webdl and next format both showing same result. same scenario was happening with come and hug me so either upload this stuff in 1080p for mega or maybe lemme know whats the issue with google drive . Thanks in advance

    • 251
      Gogo Administrator

      try to restart your router
      also use a download manager like idm
      stuck in the middle of download shouldn’t be big deal since it can be resumed

      • 252

        i do am using idm and its not a router thing coz i can download everything else using idm except from this site and i can even download stuff from this site if its on mega or something but when its come to google drive its just stop downloading at the 98 99 percent with no speed for downloading and get stuck and if i try to pause and resume again it get cancel and most of the season in 1080p can be only downloaded using google drive 🙁

        • 253
          Gogo Administrator

          at least give it a try first, it has nothing to do with other host
          refresh the download address instead of just pause and resume
          download the file on your drive after a pop up asking for a new address
          I won’t use mega for large files since it’s take forever to upload and by the size of 1080p you won’t be able to download more than 3 files at a time due to their bandwidth limit

  60. 254

    Hey I have been one of your regular subscribers but laterly whenever i try to download any version of the videos, the click to download page always gets a add block . they ask me to remove it. i did remove it but even then the adblock remove box doesnt go away . i dont know what to do or if it’s my server problem. Can you help?

  61. 255

    The timer is not working in the second page. It just stayed in the 10. I am using your site for a long time and never faced this issue before.

      • 257

        I can’t download either, I don’t even see the timer on the second page. Refreshed a lot of time, tried on several browser, even with a vpn, nothing works 🙁

        • 258
          Gogo Administrator

          after “click here to continue” button there are pop-up that look similar to 2nd page without the timer, close that tap go back to previous tab with a timer on it

          • 259
            Gogo Administrator

            if that not the case here then idk what else to suggest
            I’ve tested the link on multiple device & browser also on 2 of server yet I can’t reproduce the timer issue here

  62. 261
    Chamod vass

    😭😭😭 admin,timer pages are not working..i told you about this yesterday..can you change the shortlinks or something..plzz😭😭🙏😥

    • 262
      Gogo Administrator

      read my previous comment here! I have nothing more to say regarding this
      I doubt the problem are from the shortener since it work for most of ppl here so obviously the problem are from your end

      • 264

        I am having the same timer freezing issue on different browsers, sadly. I hope you can discover the issue at some point. Thank you for your hard work.

  63. 266

    Since 5,6 days i can’t download any link throught this.time freezing problem appear everytime.i tried with different browsers.but problem is still same.can you once again look to it if u can

    • 267
      Gogo Administrator

      try with vpn, turn off any blocker app, also try with browser incognito/private mode if still not work then idk what else to suggest

  64. 269

    I apologize for my English I use the translator, what is the difference between the NEXT version and WEB-DL thank you for the answer.

  65. 278
    asanka madushan

    hey Admin,
    I followed the download steps, in 10 seconds (step)It doesn’t take 10 seconds and the steps after that don’t work. Can you tell me why this is happening?I try 10-20 times but its not work.because of this site i can watch kdrama sad ….
    thank you.from sri lanka.
    and I hope you give any reply for this .plzzzzz…..

  66. 280
    Kanishka dilhari

    Hi, i can not download any drama in your page since two weeks. 10 Seconds not change and be as 10. Get link icon is not showing. Kindly help me plz.

      • 282
        Kanishka Dilhari

        i’m sorry to trouble you again. but i could not sort out yet. only showing please wait option. but not coming get link wording. what is the problem? kindly help. i read all your old reply. but can not get sort out.

  67. 287

    hi admin!! the web-dl files are mkv, how do i make it to a video? I use an ipad and when i download it, it’s just a file :(( can you help with this?

  68. 292
    Kanishka Dilhari

    Hi Admin, i can not download dramas now on this site since three weeks. seconds is not runing. so get link option is not showing, kindly advice plz

    • 293
      Gogo Administrator

      read previous comment #278

      this is your second comment with the same issue, did you even try the given solution before in the first place

  69. 295

    Hi admin, since yesterday the timer is not working for me. in stays the same i cant generate link. Can you please check this

  70. 297
    Viranga Vishvajith Bogahalanda

    I do not have an adblock but shows that I have an adblock enabled, What should i do?

  71. 305

    I can’t find the link, even after clicking on the “get link” button..
    It takes me to another page of which the link is now her to be found

    • 306
      Gogo Administrator

      most of the time first click will trigger popup page, make sure to close those popup and try click the get link button again

  72. 307

    Admin, kenapa saat buka link google drive (1080p) loadingnya saat lama sekali ya ? bisa 5 menitan, Biasanya cepat admin,
    Saya sdh pakai browser lain (failed) dan coba bbrp judul2 lain, same results, ujung2nya page expired, biasanya tidak,
    mohon bantuannya yaadmin, apakah apk.miuiku sdg trouble ya
    Saya sdh coba semua alternative (gdrive, pixeldrain dan letsupload)

    • 308
      Gogo Administrator

      klo ada masalah dgn link shortener di tggu aja sampai mrk fix masalah nya
      di sini aku jg sebagai user jadi ga ada kendali soal server mrk

  73. 311

    Sea of Hope Ep 6 540 Mega link, still the same error now. The google drive one was the same before but now it works fine.

  74. 314

    Hi Admin, I don’t see the “Click here to continue” button anymore. I tried different links and all I see now is a “Download” buttong, but when I click there’s no other link to continue the download.

    • 315
      Gogo Administrator

      don’t click any download button on shortener link
      try to reload or re-open the page till you see the continue button

  75. 316
    Gogo Administrator

    I’m aware there are continue button issue for some ppl
    nothing I can do about it, just wait till it get fixed by shortener side

    • 317
      dramaday jjang!

      To those facing the prob, get a VPN extension at on Chrome and you should be able to see the button again. Works for me.

      • 318

        I used my work laptop and I can attess that by using a VPN extension (I used Norton) the “Click here to continue” appears. I turned off my VPN and tried it again and the button was not there; so by using a VPN extension is a quick resolution for the problem right now. Thanks Dramaday Jjang. 감사해요

      • 319

        This is getting sucks. Click to Continue is nowhere to be found plus VPN isnt helping. What VPN are you guys using?

  76. 320
    Gogo Administrator

    the shortener owner said the problem has been solved now, for those who experience the button issue earlier can you guys confirm whether it’s working now?

  77. 325
    Szabó Judit

    Dear Gogo Administrator!
    Sorry for writing here.
    I would like to ask you if you could upload the
    Drama: Smile, Dong Hae
    Country: South Korea

    add yours
    Episodes: 159
    Aired: Oct 4, 2010 – May 13, 2011
    Aired On: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
    Original Network: KBS1
    Duration: 40 min.
    Many people would be interested because the series is not available in our region.
    Thank you very much!

  78. 330

    hi, i have multiple dramas in my drive i would like to give you the access its more than 10tb and mostly those you don’t have in 1080p or in high bitrate. if you would like to use them i can give them to you. my email is valid.

  79. 336
    Ji Soek Sam

    Min, page-nya “It’s Okay to Not Be Okay” enggak bisa diakses 🙁 bisa minta tolong diliat? Thanks sebelumnya 😉

  80. 340

    Hi , thanks for your hard work.♥
    please upload tv show super band Season 2

  81. 347

    Not exactly request but asking are you planning to upload ‘The Raincoat Killer: Chasing a Predator in Korea” Netflix Doc

  82. 349

    mid mau donwload tp disuruh matikan adblock, padahal sdh sampe saya uninstall. Eh ttp muncul itu warning walao udah dihapus adblocknya

  83. 351

    is it just me or doesn’t seem to be working properly? everytime i click either a MEGA, Mediafire, or Mirrored link, it just redirects me to a different site with no usual Click to continue blue bar.

  84. 352

    Min kok aku nggk bisa nemuin “click to continue” ya di Shortener Link nya, udah tak coba matiin vpn, nyoba vpn sama make incognitoo masih belum bisa, kemarin malam masih bisa soalnya, makasih minn

  85. 353

    Hello, first of all thanks for your work!
    He asks me for the decryption key to download, but i don’t know what it is!

  86. 355
    Dek Hwiyoung

    Hello. Sorry to bother you, but i have problems on trying to download “Scripting Your Life”. When i clicked “get link” it directs me to 4p4sih dot pw and i am not sure to click download link on there. Thanks for your help. Also, thank you for your hard works.

    • 356
      Gogo Administrator

      its should be direct you to all file link are saved there
      so you probably get directed to ads page, please close any page if you get directed elsewhere

      after re checking the link it turn out the culprit are the link shortener itself they messed up with user database
      I already fixed the link now

  87. 357

    thank you for your uploads
    how come the link to download My Name 1080p WEB-DL does not work for me but directs me to apasih?

  88. 359
    Prasanna Subramaniam

    What is the difference between 1080p NEXT and 1080p WEBDL. Is 1080p NEXT like 265 encoding, and which of the two(NEXT or WEBDL) should I download for better quality and good encoding

    • 360
      Gogo Administrator

      all 1080p here are not re-encoded so it’s straight from the source. its subjective all back to your own preference, so it’s better try both and find out yourself

  89. 365

    hi!!I can’t download melancholia’s ep 1 in google drive.On the half of downloading it says,that i have no permission to download it.What should I do..I really need 1080 p

    • 366
      Gogo Administrator

      have you try to resume the download?
      the file are stored on your drive try to download it from your own drive

  90. 375

    Min ini agak OOT dikit tapi tetep mau nanya, kamu ngesync subnya gimana ya biar pas? Aku udah nyoba berbagai cara tetapi tetep tidak pas. Bisa ajarin ngak ya? Aku mau reync sub drama Happiness pake yg dari Iqiyi tetapi tidak pas. Itu gimana ya?

  91. 378
    Steph Reads

    I don’t see “Click here to continue” when I open the links. I have tried refreshing it few times but still no difference. Hope you can help me. Thank you.

    • 379
      Gogo Administrator

      it’s work just fine on my end. have you tried with different browser?

      there are several other similar report from philippines visitor so it might be isp related try access it with vpn

  92. 383

    Hello admin. Try to check and correct the Malay subtitles for One Ordinary Day episode 5. That subtitle for Now We Are Breaking Up, not One Ordinary Day. episode 5

    • 388
      Gogo Administrator

      kamu tinggal login aja dgn akun google mu
      klo baru kali pertama pakai dia minta izin dulu, di centang aja semua izin yg di minta
      setelah login tinggal klik tombol download, nanti file nya akan ke save ke akun gdrive mu dan bisa kamu download

  93. 389

    Admin,why when if i press the shortlink page,the’click here to continue ‘doesnt appear but only download but it will take me to an unfamiliar site.

  94. 392

    hello how can i download the ost of encounter try several times but it says that the link of the folder is not available

  95. 396

    if I have tried but cannot download the ost of encounter mp3
    It tells me that the page to which it is trying to access is not available

    • 397
      Gogo Administrator

      the files are dead
      link me to the ost page (not the file link) you want to download so i can fix them for you

  96. 401

    Hi, I get an error screen (404 not found) when I click the links for One Ordinary Day episode 7 (no issue with the other eps). Thanks for your help!

  97. 403
    Arthur Dsouza

    Hi i have the same 404 errors on the gdrive links for Eulachacha Waikiki was working fine yesterday plz can you fix it if you can.

  98. 407

    hello. i’ve been downloading from this site since last year and this is the first time i’ve encountered this problem. whenever i click any of your links whether it be google drive or uptobox or etc, it redirects me to the same link shortener but there’s no ‘click here to continue’ button anymore so i can’t get the direct download links. kindly help

  99. 411

    Min, untuk drama Snowdrop 1080 Webdlnya ada dua, itu yang satu Disney+ dan satu lagi Disney Hotstar……… Itu punya perbedaannya kan? Kalo Disney+ itu di rip dari yang di US dan kalo untuk Disney Hotstar itu di rip di semua region dan tidak termasuk di US, bener kah? Dan untuk durasinya juga beda kayaknya, tapi cuman mau nanya, itu sizenya beda juga apakah kualitas atau bitratenya sama aja atau berubah?

  100. 414

    Min, OOT. Kenapa drama The Silent Sea itu saya coba pake google drive malah kena troubleshooting tapi kalo coba di drama lain, contohnya Bad and Crazy eps3 masih bisa, udah coba ganti device, ganti akun, ganti browser, kagak bisa semua.

  101. 419

    if i may ask, where do u get the gdrive unlimited account? do u buy it directly from google or u use online-shop account? thx.

  102. 426

    hi, is there any plan to upload kbs sbs mbc entertaiment and drama award? i remember you used to upload it 1 year ago. thankyou.

    • 433
      Gogo Administrator

      load the subs file from your video player subtitle menu
      or drag and drop the subs file into video player while its playing
      renaming the subtitle file the same as video file name and put them on the same folder will also work for some video player

  103. 438

    Min, sebelumnya makasih karena udah paling the best nyediain drama korea on going untuk kita… kalo boleh nanya, mimin dapet file subtitle nya TRACER dari mana ya? apa ada app legal yang up ini drama? semoga di reply.. makasih :))

  104. 440

    oke min makasih.. mau nanya sekali lagi min, ini yg buat bingung mau download yg mana? klo NF WEBDL sama TVING WEBDL… kualitas nya bagusan yg mana ya? soalnya ukuran file nya yg NF WEBDL hampir 1/2 kali lipatnya TVING WEBDL.. semoga di reply lagi.. 🙂

  105. 446

    Min, be careful, file2 nya udh byk yg kena flag sama google drive. Gw gatau itu cuma ada di drive gw sendiri, atau flagnya udah ada dari drive-nya dramaday.

  106. 456

    Min mau tanya klo DDDrive ndak bisa download, muncul Unable To Copy File padahal storage ksosong itu kenapa ya ?
    biasanya normal min

  107. 467

    Maaf min Gogo , kenapa rookie Cops DSNP nya nggak ada mini size ? 540p cukup min 🙏, habis 4 setengah GB kalau Download raw nya.

  108. 476

    Hi admin,

    Lately, I can’t watch any of your latest web-dl version videos on my mx10 mini android tv. The lastt web-dl serie, I could watch without problems was D.P. Now, when i tried to watch web-dl version with my mx player, the video and audio don’t sync, or video would lag or no audio or picture. Did you encode these dl-versions differently? Do you have any suggestion that I should do to be able to view these web-dl version again? Thank you!

  109. 480

    Min Gogo, nanti kalau Netflix Korea ada event film , masuk dramaday nggak? Seneng kemarin ada love and leashes dikasih raw pula, 🙏, tahun lalu event nya bulan februari ,April, Juni & Juli, cuma tanya aja, bukan request

  110. 483
    Jonas J Lang

    Do you use the full page script adtival safelink or add links manually?
    If you add the link manually you can ignore this message.
    If you use a full page script, I want to offer google adsense safelink.

    please email us if you are interested. thank you

  111. 485

    hi thank you for maintaining the site, may i ask what is the password for subtitles that put in MEGA?
    such as Tracer web-dl subtitle. thank you

  112. 489

    Min, mau nanya doang ini mah.. ga ada niatan nyemplung juga ke series thailand yg ga ada di youtube? ada yg bakalan pecah juga soalnya BL thai nanti di tgl 2 april.. makasih sebelumnya :’)

  113. 492

    Hi admin, the link for ep 10,12 for Dr Park Clinic drama is broken…the link is 404-Not Found. Can you fix it? Thank you…

  114. 495

    min, tolong perbaiki link yg ga bisa di download / = 404 not found, shrinkads
    – Artificial City : ep 16-20 NEXT
    – Dr. Park’s Clinic : all eps WEB-DL
    – Ghost Doctor : smua eps NEXT
    – Moonshine : all eps NEXT
    – Through the Darkness : ep 10 NEXT
    – Tracer : season 1&2 (all eps) NEXT & WEB-DL
    – Sponsor : all eps NEXT

        • 498
          Gogo Administrator

          ya itu halaman ads shortlink nya, kamu bkn visitor baru di site ini kan?
          dasar nya kan sama aja tinggal klik tombol get link
          pastikan scrool ke bawah sedikit sampai tombol get link nya ada di atas tombol close yg di pojok kiri bawah

          • 503

            Admin, It actually happened to me several times, not everytime, but maybe once per month, so far when this happened, im just waiting for one day and then it goes normal again, but is there any other hint or solution about this problem, Admin ?

            • 504
              Gogo Administrator

              read the page i link above
              most likely its caused by my account reached the transfer limit
              some popular dramas with a lot of downloader will cause my acc reach it limit pretty fast

            • 505

              With Google Drive, the issue is the storage space. If you Delete a file, it goes to the “Trash” folder where it sits for 30 days before it automatically deletes it from your Google Drive. However, while the file is in the “Trash” folder, it still takes up storage space. Eventually you’ll hit your storage space limit and can’t add anymore files to your Google Drive. The solution is to click on Empty Trash in the Trash folder to delete them off of your Google Drive manually. This will free up all of your storage space.

  115. 511

    I don’t know what happened but the new site making so many problems. I had no problem downloading before but after updating new sites I can’t download any files. I can’t even see the “Get Link” option. Please help admin

    • 512
      Gogo Administrator

      its actually still the old shortener but they changed their ads page display recently
      if you use adblocker try to turn it off

  116. 515

    Not sure if this is a issue or issue:
    EP01, 02 won’t download. Browser Timeout. Tried all 1080p Disney+ & Hotstar links
    EP03, 04 good. Only worked w/ Google Drive (used Disney+)
    EP05, 06 won’t download. Browser Timeout. Tried all 1080p Disney+ & Hotstar links
    Will try other EP

    Browser Connection Timeout Error 522
    You Browser Working | Osaka Cloudflare Working | Host Error

  117. 520

    sadly since the new change in download, I cannot get access to the download links anymore. I tried and did all the steps in the process to obtain the desired redirected link to be able to enjoy all the kdrama eps that I would like to download, but all the links to redirect me aren’t working because when I click on them, nothing happens. I tried Google Drive | Pixeldrain | Send | Uptobox I even removed the ad blocker. I wait 10 seconds, I click on “I am not a robot”, I click and wait again for 10 seconds. “open link” does not work because it leads to nothing. and still, after I click, it won’t redirect me to the link. a few days ago everything was still working normally, and had never had any issues with downloading eps/movies before on here. Is there maybe a different option to download eps links? thank you so much and sorry for the inconvenience.

  118. 525

    the same thing happens to me, there is no way to download, in the 2 link they give you,
    it gets to 0 seconds and no matter how many times you click, there is no way,
    nothing opens.

    I tried Google Drive | Pixeldrain | Send | Mega, I even removed the ad blocker

    thank you for all your work

    • 526
      Gogo Administrator

      if you can’t click the button mean it blocked by something
      try with incognito mode with all extensions turned off
      or try with another browser

      there are an invincible overlay on the lower screen that may also block the button so make sure to scroll down a bit till the open link button are above the close button on lower left side

  119. 527
    Ahsanur C

    Are you able to extract the Korean subtitles / captions for the Business Proposal Special from the original SBS VOD website? I’m not sure if I can post the link of the VOD website here. If you need the link, please let me know. Thanks

    • 528
      Gogo Administrator

      i don’t think sbs vod have a subtitles, even their web player dont have cc option
      btw the special already subbed by a fanpage, just search @_sejeongdays on twitter

  120. 532

    Min, Miuiku beberapa hari ini gak mau munculin pop up “Open Link”, udah nyoba matiin adblock + coba incognito

    • 540
      Gogo Administrator

      D+ version will be available for streaming on 27th apr (one week away from hotstar)
      i’ll add it here once i get the file

    • 544
      Gogo Administrator

      try with incognito/private mode or other browser
      if its still not working then maybe its get blocked by something else on your device you have to figure it out yourself

    • 547
      Gogo Administrator

      its already written on the post there are multiple softsub embedded, so you just need play the video then turn on the subs from your video player

  121. 548

    Links are frequently dead now because the new interstitial site is unstable. Currently giving Connection refused errors.

  122. 550

    hi. i cant open the links of any dramas. it leads to (i . 7an . link) and is stuck there. i dont have any problem with internet. i was able to even download The Girl On a Bulldozer earlier this afternoon.

  123. 551

    Hello. GD links that start with don’t load for me. I tried on two different browsers and no luck. Can you help? Thank you.

  124. 555

    Hi, links are dead for love all play? also tried random other links, same issue “This site can’t be took too long to respond.” Please help!

  125. 556

    Hi admin. Is there any trouble with the link server? I can not enter the link. It say that the server out of reach or shut down. Is there a solution please?

  126. 557

    Hello. Today Pixeldrain links that start with link don’t work for me. I tried on different browsers. Can you help me? Thank you.

  127. 558
    Gogo Administrator

    apk.miuiku server are down, no need to report it here i have no control over their server uptime wait till they fix it on their side

    • 559

      ok, thanks for the answer and I’m so sorry, I didn’t understand it was a problem with the apk.miuiku site, I thought it wasn’t loading the page just for me.

  128. 560

    thank you for your efforts to provide us with all available drama.
    i have recently encountered a problem while downloading eps from the website. eps that are linked to is unreachable. i tried every possible way to unblock this website, but i failed to do so.
    i use chrome browser. i also tried to use other browsers but it did not work.
    anyone can please solve this problem please.
    your help is appreciated.
    thank you

  129. 564

    Please fix the uptobox main link on Sweet Home to a working redirector as suratresmi is not working but sekilastekno is working for google drive main link.

  130. 566

    Hi admin. Can you please update the subtitle for Kiss Sixth Sense episode 3 & 4 ? There’s only eng & ind subs only, no may & thai.

    • 567
      Gogo Administrator

      i’m aware of that, those subs are missing from archie release
      i don’t have disney+ subscription so i can’t rip them myself either

  131. 570
    Nurul Aryani

    hi the site on MEGA ask decryption key for download the file….I want to download The Sixth Sense S3 Episode 12…..can you give me the decryption key for that?

  132. 572

    Hi and thanks for all hard working. When downloading, the transfer rate suddenly becomes zero, and when I pause it and resume, IDM sends a message that the address is no longer valid and has expired. Every time I want to get large files from Google drive, this happens to me and it wastes my internet. Can you offer me a solution? please help me @[email protected]

    • 573
      Gogo Administrator

      try to restart your router, also you can resume your download by selecting refresh download address on IDM then navigate to your google drive and download your file from there once IDM give you successful message prompt you should be able to resume your download

  133. 574

    Hi, Thank you for all the hard work you put into this site. If you don’t mind can you please the check the links for Twenty Five Twenty One drama? I used to download episodes just fine couple of months ago, now I came back to watch the remaining episodes 9 and rest of it but I’m unable to reach the download sites? The links are stuck at ‘Get Link’ loop, it keeps going back to the same ad site instead of providing the link to Pixeldrain or Googledrive. Could you please check if the links are working fine and if the problem is on my end? Thank you so much for the work you do. I hope my request isn’t too much trouble.

  134. 576

    Hello, thank you for your work. Is it possible to somehow find the original show in hd 1080 Stray Kids Survival Show and Code Name is ATEEZ.
    I will be very grateful if you can find this show. I don’t know if it’s possible to place orders with you at all, or if it’s done through donations. Thanks anyway.

  135. 578

    Min The Red Sleeve Web-DL 720pnya linknya pada mati ya min? bahkan eps 13-17 satu2nya link meganya gamau lanjutin ke bagian download. Boleh dibantu min

  136. 580

    Uptobox says: “This file is temporarily unavailable, please retry later”, since few weeks for:

    Backstreet.Rookie.S01E02.1080p.WEB-DL.H264.AAC-AppleTor.mkv (2.20 GB)
    Backstreet.Rookie.S01E06.1080p.WEB-DL.H264.AAC-AppleTor.mkv (2.20 GB)
    Backstreet.Rookie.S01E08.1080p.WEB-DL.H264.AAC-AppleTor.mkv (2.20 GB)
    Backstreet.Rookie.S01E11.1080p.WEB-DL.H264.AAC-AppleTor.mkv (2.39 GB)

    All another Uptobox links related to this tv movie are fine

  137. 583
    M. Knight

    Hi Admin, thank you for all your hard work! When you have time, may I ask for your feedback about a variety show called Late Night Ghost Talk (aka Midnight Horror Story), started 2019-2021 and it’s ongoing into Season 2. I know you don’t take requests. I only want to know if you’re able to see why it’s impossible to find the very first episode #1.

    If anyone else here has a link to where I can watch it starting from episode 1 it is greatly appreciated! I can only find episode 22 and onward. Thank you everyone!

    • 584
      Gogo Administrator

      this show are licensed to viki/kocowa and as you said they only have ep 22 onward, maybe they only bought the latest eps?
      i can find eps 1-21 files on private tracker but they are not subbed since most subtitles are ripped from streaming sites

      • 585
        M. Knight

        Ohmygoodness! Are you able to share the raws without the subtitles? Honestly, I couldn’t find it anywhere high and low. The licensing makes so much sense- it explains why it’s hard to find anything prior. Even if your time isn’t available for the raws, I still appreciate all your help, thank you!

  138. 587

    min, alchemy ep 4 1080p webdl yakin ukuran file nya cuma 1,2gb’an di SEND?? biasanya sampe 3gb kan?? ada beda sumber kah?

  139. 590

    Min, OOT, Ghost Doctor kyaknya udah keluar di AvistaZ, mau minta Magnet linknya, atau file format torrentnya bisa gk min? HEHE

  140. 594

    Admin, Is there any different between your upload (“Extraordinary.Attorney.Woo.S01E01.1080p.NF.WEB-DL.x264.DDP2.0-PTerWEB”) and (“Extraordinary.Attorney.Woo.S01E01.1080p.NF.WEB-DL.DDP2.0.x264-SMURF.”) ?

    • 598
      Gogo Administrator

      the one that usually come out earlier are hotstar web-dl from archie and as you can see archie are no longer updating this drama since eps 7
      spamming comments here won’t make a drama airing or uploaded by release group any faster

  141. 599

    To My Star 2 1080p links sends you to a page that asks for a password. Can you please provide it? Thanks!!!!!!

  142. 611

    min, extraordinary attorney woo antara SMURF NETFLIX 1080p & SEEZN TAENGOO 1080p… bitrate nya better yg mana? terlepas dr ukuran file yg emang beda jauh, thank you ^^

  143. 613

    can you reupload a new hd version of healer and it’s okay that’s love? if there’s nf version. the iotl has, not sure with healer. thank you so much!

  144. 620
    Love kdrama

    Hi. Oh. Since doctor lawyer comment is off, I hope I can report link. Link gdrive episode 11 and 12 540p and 720p x265 actually wrong link. Gdrive episode 11 actually gdrive episode 10 while gdrive episode 12 is link for episode 11. I hope you can re-check it again, admin.

  145. 623

    i can’t move in the page it’s not work and i trying to add vpn but still no work, i can’t download 🙁

    • 624
      Gogo Administrator

      klo bkn masalah ip mungkin krn browser nya jadi coba dgn browser lain
      coba jg dgn mode incognito/private dan coba matikan semua extension/addon

  146. 625

    @admin , adamas HDTV tidak muncul min, walaupun fans web dl tapi suka lihat opening HDTV & serasa lagi di Korsel misal dari tvN & kbs2

    • 626
      Gogo Administrator

      untuk drama baru aku putuskan untuk ga upload hdtv next lagi silahkan cari di tempat lain

      nvm ujung nya ku tambahin jg

    • 628
      Gogo Administrator

      untuk big mouth krn baru ada di hotstar india jadi sekarang cmn ada engsub
      untuk adamas coba request ke wixmedia_id di subscene mungkin dia bisa bantu

  147. 634

    @629 sangat di sayangkan, padahal HDTV next punya ciri khas nya sendiri , masih bersyukur ada yang upload walaupun tidak FHD

  148. 635
    Gogo Administrator

    for those who wondering why are there no 1080p NEXT uploaded for new dramas — currently the one and only Avistaz admin who usually bough and upload 1080p NEXT releases on private trackers are retiring from uploading. meanwhile the 720p NEXT I uploaded here are now relying on upload from korean public trackers and as some of you might already know that 1080p NEXT releases are no longer can be found on any korean public trackers for years for unknown reason
    so there will be no more 1080p NEXT for new dramas (unless someone else take over his position)

  149. 636

    Min Gogo, makasih udah balik.. makasih udah jadi penyelamat hidup bak malaikat bagi seluruh pecinta kdrama di dunia.. makasih, makasih dan makasih… cuma ini yg aku bisa ketik, I LOVE U MIN <3

  150. 639

    hello Gogo, I love this webside and your hard work, I want to inform you that lately I have been having too many troubles getting snacklink page links; for a couple of urls it could I need to open close reopen links etc to finally get to the url. I have blockers disabled, no resize, I carefully scroll down, I wait some time before clicking anywhere again: I think I am doing all what is humanly possible to get the links from snacklink… and failed attempts are now too many.