How to Bypass Google Drive Quota Exceeded

1. Replace “uc?export=download&” with “open?” then press enter
(skip to next step if you already have access to the file preview page)

2. Add the file to your Drive by clicking on the icon then open your Drive
(make sure you already login into your Google account)

3. Right click on the file you just added then choose Make a copy

4. Now you can download the file from your own copy



Add yours
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      Gogo Administrator

      kan udh di jelaskan klo udh dapat akses ke file preview ya step 1 di skip aja, jadi tinggal kamu go back 1 page sebelum link yg kamu kasih terus ikuti step selanjut nya

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        iya say, maksud “ko aku sama aja ya gabisa download” itu uda aku copy ke drive trus downlod dan sama aja gabisaa.. muncul pemberitahuan dibawah gt quota exceeded hehe

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          Gogo Administrator

          hmm masa sih.. udh kamu ikutin semua panduan nya sampai akhir kan?
          pastikan jg yg kamu download itu file copy an milik mu sendiri, bkn file asli yg kamu tambahkan ke drive

  1. 15

    Hi, My link isn’t exactly like the example either. This is it? What should I take out & replace with? Thanks in advance.

  2. 19

    Ey Gogo! I hope all is ok. Dunno what happened but some webhosts are just sh*t, tell you that. . will suspend your site right off the bat with some lame explanation. I just happened to be frequenting here since i’m hooked with two dramas at this time haha. if your hiring lemme know 😉

  3. 29

    ah okay thank you!! also I don’t think you answered but I was planning on making an edit would you like me to give credit to you since you took the time and downloaded these episodes

  4. 33

    Why I can not download from “”, everytime I press “Download”, then “File was not found!” ????
    So hard to download from your site in these days :(( !!!

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      So I caught on to quite a bit of issues recently with how things are loaded. Any of the new episodes that are uploaded to google drive, is loaded into what the “ddrive” website (the google drive link you listed). If you load it into that website, the download link shows after syncing with DDrive but keeps saying “google drive is full”. If you try to go to the mirror list through DDrive and go to rapidfire or any of the other sites, the mirror keeps linking you to ads and such and will never go to those sites. I have tired with; IE, firefox, and google chrome. Same effect. So officially from what I can tell, the other thing working is the Upbox link for any new episodes of anything. I am not sure if you have a fix yet, but wanted to bring to your attention. Thank you for your wonderful website and hard work.

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        Gogo Administrator

        the app won’t work properly and will give that error if you don’t allow all the permission it asked
        if you feel paranoid about your account, you can always create a new one just for downloading purpose
        and about Multiup it’s a free mirroring service and I don’t have control over their ads. the first click on file host list will lead you to ad page just hit back to previous page on your browser and click on the host again and it will lead you to the actual link

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