Title: 인간수업 / Extracurricular
Genre: Youth, School, Crime
Episodes: 10
Broadcast network: Netflix
Broadcast period: 2020-April-29

A model high school student who’s steeped in a world of serious crime finds his double life upended when a classmate takes an interest in his secret.

Subtitles: https://bit.ly/3f1dvuV

MZABI release: https://paste2.org/MU0xDtMJ
(Smaller size release with korean voice only)

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Kim Dong Hee as Oh Ji Soo
Jung Da Bin as Seo MinHee
Park Joo Hyun as Bae Gyu Ri
Nam Yoon Soo as Gi Tae


Choi Min Soo as Lee Whang Chul
Park Hyuk Kwon as Cho Jin Woo
Kim Yeo Jin as Lee Hae Kyoung
Park Ho San as Ji Soo’s father
Im Ki Hong as Dae Yeol


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      the embedded audio in 1080p Ao release are: chinese, english, german, japanese, korean, polish, thai, and turkish

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