Crash Landing on You

Crash Landing on You

Title: 사랑의 불시착 / Crash Landing on You
Also known as: Love’s Emergency Landing / Love’s Crash Landing / Crash Landing of Love / Emergency Love Landing
Genre: Romance, Comedy
Episodes: 16 (To Be Confirmed)
Broadcast network: tvN
Broadcast period: 2019-Dec-14 to 2020-Feb-02
Air time: Saturday & Sunday 21:00 KST

The series tells the secret romance between a South Korean heiress of a conglomerate and a high-ranking North Korean officer.

Yoon Se Ri (Son Ye Jin) is an heiress to a conglomerate in South Korea. One day, while paragliding, an accident caused by strong winds leads Yoon Se Ri to make an emergency landing in North Korea. There, she meets Lee Jung Hyuk (Hyun Bin), who is a North Korean army officer. He tries to protect her and hide her. Soon, Lee Jung Hyuk falls in love with Yoon Se Ri.

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Main Cast

Hyun Bin as Ri Jung Hyuk
Son Ye Jin as Yoon Se Ri
Seo Ji Hye as Seo Dan (Jung Hyuk’s fiancée)
Kim Jung Hyun as Koo Seung Joon

People around Se Ri

Nam Kyung Eup as Chairman Yoon (Se Ri’s father)
Park Hyung Soo as Yoon Se Hyung (Se Ri’s oldest brother)
Choi Dae Hoon as Yoon Se Joon (Se Ri’s younger older brother)
Yoon Ji Min as Ko Sang Ah (Se Joon’s wife)

People around Seo Dan

Jang Hye Jin as Dan’s mother


Oh Man Suk as Jo Chul Kang
Kim Young Min as Jung Man Bok
Yang Kyung Won as Pyo Chi Soo
Yoo Soo Bin as Kim Joo Muk
Tang Joon Sang as Geum Eun Dong
Kim Jung Nan as Ma Young Ae
Kim Sun Young as Na Wol Sook
Jang So Yun as Hyun Myung Soon
Cha Chung Hwa as Yang Ok Geum
Hwang Woo Seul Hye as Do Hye Ji
Park Myung Hoon
Kim Young Pil


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    this drama has DOTS’s vibe omg :(( highly recommended drama <3 btw, thank you for always updating new dramas and new episodes <3

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    #StoveLeague and #CrashLandingOnYou will not be airing this upcoming week on January 24th and 25th due to Lunar New Year.

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