Camping Vibes

Camping Vibes

Title: 갬성캠핑 / Camping Vibes
Broadcast network: JTBC
Broadcast period: 2020-10-13 ~ Ongoing
Air time: Friday 21:00 KST

Life is restless and busy in this day and age, and the members of Camping Vibes get together for a small bit of rest. However, with the worldwide pandemic, traveling abroad gets harder and harder. The funniest women of Korea gather to give everyone stuck at home a bout of laughter and healing vibes. Their camping trips are all about sentimentality. The one and only conceptual camping show, Camping Vibes! The members go on trips to places in Korea that resembles foreign countries, such as Switzerland, Canada, the Netherlands, and more. Joined by charming guests, the members of Camping Vibes show viewers what camping trips truly are all about.

Subtitles: Downsub

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