Boar Hunt


Title: 멧돼지사냥 / Boar Hunt
Also known as: Wild Boar Hunting / Hunted
Genre: Mystery, Thriller
Episodes: 4
Broadcast network: MBC
Broadcast period: 2022-Aug-01 to 2022-Aug-22
Air time: Monday 22:30 KST

Young Soo is an ordinary man living in the countryside who went through a tough childhood. He grew up with his hometown friends and now has a wife and son. One day, a miraculous incident occurs to this normal person. He wins first place in the lottery. With excitement and joy, he heads out for a boar hunt. But on that day, his son In Sung does not return home and Young Soo becomes terrified that he might have shot his own son. While the village is nervous about In Sung’s disappearance, the old lady Ok Soon starts saying something strange. After she lost her son to a fire 20 years ago, she says that the culprit who killed her son and her daughter-in-law is one of the villagers. The chaotic disturbance is about to bring change to the ordinary village.

Subtitles: SubsceneMirror

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Park Ho San as Young Soo
Ye Soo Jung as Ok Soon
Kim Soo Jin as Chae Jung
Lee Kyu Hoe as Jin Kuk
Lee Hyo Je as In Sung
Yoo Soon Woong as village head
Kwak Ja Hyung as Man Seok
Hwang Jae Yeol
Cha Si Won

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