Because It’s The First Time

Because It's The First Time

Title: 처음이라서 / 因為是第一次 / Because It’s the First Time
Genre: Romance, Comedy, Melodrama
Episodes: 8
Broadcast network: Onstyle
Broadcast period: 2015-Oct-07 to 2015-Nov-25
Air time: Wednesday 23:00 KST

Yoon Tae Oh (Choi Minho) is a free-spirited 20-year-old college freshman who lives in a rooftop apartment. His five friends — Han Song Yi (Park So Dam), Seo Ji An (Kim Min Jae), Ryoo Se Hyun (Jung Yoo Jin), Choi Hoon (Lee Yi Kyung) and Oh Ga Rin (Jo Hye Jung) — camp out or otherwise hand around his apartment and use it as a gathering place for their friendship. They each have his or her own drive and ambition for life, but falling in love for the first time is a right of passage they need to experience on their road to adulthood. When a love triangle forms between Tae Oh and two of his friends, can they keep their emotions from jeopardizing their close circle of friends?

Main Cast

Choi Min Ho as Yoon Tae Oh
Park So Dam as Han Song Yi
Kim Min Jae as Seo Ji Ahn
Lee Yi Kyung as Choi Hoon
Jo Hye Jung as Oh Ga In
Jung Yoo Jin as Ryu Se Hyun

Supporting Cast

Son Sung Chan
Im Jong Yoon as Choi Hoon’s father
So Hee Jung as Choi Hoon’s mother
Lee Doo Suk
Lee Se Wook
Jang Hae Song

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