Beautiful World

Beautiful World

Title: 아름다운 세상 / Beautiful World
Genre: Melodrama, Family
Episodes: 16 (To Be Confirmed)
Broadcast network: jTBC
Broadcast period: 2019-Apr-05 to 2019-May-25
Air time: Fridays & Saturdays 23:00 KST

Park Moo Jin (Park Hee Soon) and Kang In Ha (Choo Ja Hyun) are a married couple. Park Moo Jin works as a high school teacher and Kang In Ha runs a bakery. Their peaceful days are soon destroyed when their son is seriously injured due to school violence. Park Moo Jin and Kang In Ha try to reveal the truth behind school bullying. On the other end of the spectrum is Oh Jin Pyo (Oh Man Seok) and Seo Eun Joo (Cho Yeo Jeong), who are a wealthy and powerful couple. Oh Jin Pyo is the chairman of a private school foundation, which he inherited from his family. They have never experienced failure. They lack nothing besides from a troublemaker son, who is a bully. Regardless, they will stop at nothing to cover up their son’s crimes.

Subtitles: Subscene

Main Cast

Park Hee Soon as Park Moo Jin
Choo Ja Hyun as Kang In Ha
Oh Man Suk as Oh Jin Pyo
Jo Yeo Jung as Seo Eun Joo
Nam Da Reum as Park Sun Ho (Moo Jin & In Ha’s son)
Kim Hwan Hee as Park Soo Ho (Moo Jin & In Ha’s daughter)

Supporting Cast

Seo Dong Hyun as Oh Joon Suk (Jin Pyo & Eun Joo’s son)
Seo Young Joo as Han Dong Soo
Yoon Na Moo as Lee Jin Woo
Lee Ji Hyun as Im Sook Hee
Jo Jae Ryong as Park Seung Man
Kang Mal Geum as Eun Kyung Sun
Jung Jae Sung as Bae Sang Bok
Hwang Tae Kwang as Lee Sang Woo


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