Arthdal Chronicles

Arthdal Chronicles

Title: 아스달 연대기 / Arthdal Chronicles
Also known as: Aseudal Chronicles / Asadal Chronicles / The Chronicles of Aseudal
Genre: Fantasy, Historical
Episodes: 18
Broadcast network: tvN
Broadcast period:
2019-Jun-01 to 2019-Jun-16 (Part 1: The Children of Prophecy)
2019-Jun-22 to 2019-Jul-07 (Part 2: The Sky Turning Inside Out, Rising Land)
2019-Sep-07 to 2019-Sep-22 (Part 3: Arth, The Prelude to All Legends)
Air time: Saturday & Sunday 21:00 KST

Eun Som is a cursed child born in Blue Stone Village under an ominous sign. He later becomes the conqueror of Asadal, capital of Gojoseon, taking it from city-state to empire. Ta Gon is a war hero among the Saenyeok Tribe and master of strategy. He is ambitious and aims to become the first King of Asadal. Tan Ya is a woman born under a cursed sign who overcomes adversity to become the first female politician of Asadal. She is Eun Som’s first love. Tae Ha is the last surviving Neoantal, a race different from humans, as well as the first Empress of Asadal.

Subtitles: EP 01~06 | EP 07~12 | EP 13~18

Main Cast

Song Joong Ki as Eun Sum
– Kim Ye Joon as Eun Som (young)
Jang Dong Gun as Ta Gon
– Jung Jae Won as Ta Gon (young)
Kim Ji Won as Tan Ya
– Heo Jung Eun as Tan Ya (young)
Kim Ok Bin as Tae Ha

Supporting Cast

Kim Eui Sung as Sam Woong
Jo Sung Ha as Mi Hol
Choi Moo Sung as San Wook
Park Byung Eun as Dan Byuk
Yoo Teo as Ragaz
Go Bo Kyul
Park Hae Joon as Moo Baek
Son Sook
Shin Joo Hwan as Dal Sae
Kim Ho Jung
Jo Byung Kyu as Satenic


Choo Ja Hyun as Asahon


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    thank you so much you are by far the best uploader in the world im sorry but you are so awesome that I have to ask
    if you could upload more new show and also complete ones as well but only if you want of course your webdl and webrip are amazing
    I understand if you cant I simply HAD to ask im thinking about secret hotel with Yoo In Na right now I hope you also like this drama anyway thank you again I wish you the very best

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    Hello Admin, thank you for uploading 540p webdl version. But, i can’t download it, i can’t pass the adtival network and find the captcha box. Please give me tutorial 🙏 tutorial that you post is from safelinku, not from adtival network.

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      Gogo Administrator

      coba akses dgn browser lain, pada dasar nya cara buat lewatin semua shortlink itu sama aja
      di halaman adtival jg udh ada link untuk video tutorial nya

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    hello Peanuts I had the same problem when using firefox I click on help after that I click on restart with ads ons enabled its work great afte that I have to do it again every time I open firefox if you are using another browser you probably have to do something similar let me know if it works for you everyone have a lovely day by the way best site and best uploader on the planet ENJOY

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      karena scene yg banyak gerak/action nya butuh bitrate lbh besar di tambah lagi durasi video rata2 80 menit per episode

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    Terima kasih admin. Kalian bnr2 heroes ane masih newbie di dunia per-Drama’an bingung mau donwload yg mana dgn kualitas video sebagus website ini, kalo bisa tolong Rating Dramanya juga ditampilkan dong cuma buay referensi

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      klo untuk referensi drama ke aja
      di situ kamu bisa lihat drama2 apa aja yg lagi di minati

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    What are the differences between WEB-DL and NEXT version? I pretty sure WEB-DL ripped from Netflix. Is there any major difference between those two? Contents, quality, size wise?

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    Episode 5 720p Web-DL bitrate nya turun ya min? Kalo bisa tetep kayak Episode 1-4 min, bitrate sama size gede ga masalah, karena banyak adegan di tempat gelap, kalo bitrate gede kan tetep tajem diliatnya. Thanks min. 🙂

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    I mean the google drive for WEB-DL are not working it says “Sorry, you can’t view or download this file at this time. Too many users have viewed or downloaded this file recently. Please try accessing the file again later.” same case in uptobox.. I tried mega but it has limit. 🙁

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    i have downloaded use Mega and it usually come with the english subtitle, how come there is no subtitle in the episode?

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    Thank you again, admin.
    For those that cant download it or Google Drive cant let you download it, just add the file into ur drive and make a copy.
    Hope it help, and btw google drive is much faster for download

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      itu google drive sharer tinggal login aja dgn akun google mu, nanti file yg mau di download langsung di copy ke drive mu

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    Gak enaknya lewat DDDrive.. solusinya gimana dong.. kalo lgsung redirect ke googledrive kan enak bisa dicopy filenya buat bisa di download

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    DAN, sudah kuduga. ENDINGNYA GANTUNG. Berharap ada Season 2.

    Dan, Semoga bakal dibikin Season 2 nya.

    Ditunggu infonya min soal Season 2 drama ini 😀

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    Hi! Good day! Is there something wrong with the link of WEB-DL episodes 13 and up in G-Drive? Because instead of the link being opened in G-Drive, it is opened in DDDrive. Is that normal? I haven’t tried to download from that site cause I usually download episodes in G-Drive

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      yes, it’s a google drive file sharer app just login with your google acc before download
      make sure to grant all permission asked by the app

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    Thanks! Can i or we have a request to you provide batch link please for complete dramas? that will better or maybe perfect.
    once more thanks for your hard work.

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    A joke Bola

    Please could you kindly give a tutorial on how to download from your site. When I click on the download link it redirects to another page and fail to download.

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